AquaVita Reservoir Heater, 300W

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Are you looking for a top temperature adjuster in hydroponic growing systems and aquariums? Then, AquaVita has brought a product that helps you keep a check on the water temperature. The AquaVita Reservoir Heater is convenient to use. It comes with a 300W submersible heating tube. You can use it in both fresh and saltwater.

  • Easy to Use: The AquaVita reservoir heater is easy to use. You can control the temperature from outside. Submerge the heater in water and set the required temperature from outside. 
  • Thermal Switch: It comes with a thermal switch on the handle, which helps in preventing fire or explosion. It automatically shuts off when the temperature is reached. 
  • Explosion Proof: The heater is made with high-quality explosion and shatter-resistant quartz glass. They can handle the heat and do not burst; hence, ensuring safety. 
  • Multi-Use: It can be easily used in saltwater as well as in freshwater. So, you do not have to worry about buying different heaters for aquarium and hydroponic growing systems.  

The AquaVita 300W reservoir heater is a one-stop solution for all your heating needs. You can use it in aquariums, hydroponic systems, and other places where you need to control the temperatures. It has a temperature range from 66o F to 90o F; however, it may fluctuate 1o up or down. 

It is made with high-quality shatterproof quartz glass; hence you do not have to worry about explosions or glass shattering. Even if it falls, it will not shatter into pieces. Besides this, the reservoir heater has a thermal switch that senses the temperature inside and shuts off as the temperature reaches the preset number and starts again as the water cools down. 

You can control the temperature from the outside with a mechanism designed to stay outside the water. Submerge the heating stick and set it with the mounting bracket to the aquarium wall. It will provide a three-side view for you. You can adjust the water heating as per the weather outside. The easy-to-use and compact technology let you keep your aquatics warm and provide a safe environment for the fish. 

Invest in this high-quality and convenient reservoir heater as you can use it in saltwater and freshwater, so you do not have to buy a different heater for them. Keep your plants and aquatics happy and healthy by offering them much-needed care. 

Additionally, these water heater sticks are safe to use. The automatic thermal switch helps in preventing any mishappening such as motor or wire burning due to overheating.


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