AquaVita™ 3L/Min Air Pump (2 outlet)

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Are you finding a powerful air pump for your commercial grow operation? You should not miss out on AquaVita™ Air Pump. It is a lightweight, compact and durable air pump. It is packed with two outlets and 3 liters per minute. Its high-class materials, silent performance, and solid build outshine plenty of its competitors.

  • Powerful Airflow: This hydroponic air pump offers a powerful airflow throughout the day. It creates more bubbles which give more growth to the roots.
  • Fits Even Small Spaces: It is suitable for tightly packed areas.
  • Less Noisy: AquaVita™ air pump has a super quiet design. So, it will produce much less noise than other models on the market.
  • Lightweight: Since the pump uses high-quality plastic for most of its main parts, it is lightweight.

Same as humans, plants require oxygen to survive. In the hydroponics system, plant roots are immersed in water. If no oxygen is offered to them, they will quickly die. AquaVita™ Air Pump is your best friend.

It is much stronger than other products with similar power outages. It is built to offer a steady and reliable air stream to your plants. It is made up of durable and premium quality materials that allow it to last for many years. The most exciting thing about this pump is that it produces much less noise.

AquaVita™ Air Pump has a powerful motor. When used in conjunction with air stone, it helps to create more dissolved oxygen in the water for plants and prevents diseases and algae growth in the reservoir. This heavy-duty pump is perfect for aquariums as well as new and advanced hydroponic users.

The compact and lightweight design makes it easier for the user to move the pump between different places. It also helps in saving space. Ensure you run the air pump 24/7 because it prevents plant stress, avoids pathogen growth, and extends pump life.

AquaVita™ offers a one-year manufacturing warranty to cover all the technical problems. The air pump requires a hose of diameter 3/6” and a 5’ power cord. It also comes with a double diaphragm for high reliability.

If you feel that you require an air pump that is exclusively made for hydroponic purposes, then you must try this durable hydroponic air pump for increased harvests.


  • SKU/MODEL No.: DL-600203

  • Brand: AquaVita

  • Number of Outlets: 2

  • Liters Per Minute: 3

  • Outlets Adjustable: No

  • Wattage: 3.5 Watt

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