AquaVita™ 4" x 2" Cylinder Air Stone (Minimum Order 10 Units)

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AquaVita air stone is designed to effortlessly offer necessary aeration to the root zone in hydroponic systems and aquariums. It helps the roots form quickly and give you the best possible results. The air stone is very easy to use, comes in a cylindrical shape, and works well with AquaVita air pumps.

  • Made Using High-Quality Material: This air stone is manufactured using ceramic material and carborundum heated at 1350 ° Celsius.
  • Make Plants Less Sick: It increases oxygen circulation around the plant roots. It prevents the deadly pathogens from developing and making plants ill.
  • Better Yield: With the use of the air stone, your plants are more likely to grow to their full potential.
  • Safe to Use: It is safe to grow food plants with an air stone in the hydroponic system.

Plant roots require oxygen to receive nutrients and to grow healthily. But in the hydroponic water reservoir, they will not have sufficient oxygen in the water to breathe. Investing in the AquaVita cylinder air stone can make a huge difference to the health of your plants. It is suitable in both aquariums and hydroponic systems. 

It is built to constantly aerate and circulate water in the hydroponic garden while preventing the plants from drowning. This keeps the plants alive and healthy. The air stone forms small oxygen bubbles in the hydroponic tank when air moves via the stone. These bubbles make dissolved oxygen disperse widely all across the system. Thus, it helps in maintaining a constant oxygen flow to plants.

You just need to place the air stone in the bottom of the reservoir and immerse it in water or nutrient solution. The air stone is compatible with tubing of diameter 3/16 inch. You can order a minimum of ten air stones.

Another excellent advantage of the AquaVita air stone is that it is easily washable and very durable. It can also be used to quicken the time required to dechlorinate water.

Remember, no matter the hydroponic system you pick, you need to use the air stone daily to keep your plants alive. If you find that you are losing oxygenation levels in the reservoir, it’s a sign that they start to wear out. So, make sure you replace your air stone regularly.

Whether you are planning to begin a hydroponic farm or want to have a greenhouse build, buying in AquaVita cylinder air stone will help you enjoy a gorgeous garden.


  • SKU/MODEL No.: DL-850003

  • Brand: AquaVita

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