AquaVita™ 9L/Min Air Pump (4 outlet)

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Does your grow room have multiple reservoirs, or do you have a large grow system? The AquaVita™ 9L/Min Air Pump with four outlets is the ideal option. It runs quietly and will push out 9 liters per minute. The air pump is widely used to add oxygen in hydroponic systems and aquariums. 

  • Quiet Design: This air pump has a super quiet design. So, you and the people around you will not get disturbed at all.
  • Durable: Each component of the air pump is well built using high-quality material to ensure durability.
  • Adjustable Air Output: Aquavita air pump allows you to adjust the air output as per your requirements.
  • Compact: It has a mini size that helps to save space.

Oxygenation is an essential part of hydroponics that helps in producing healthy plants and greater yields. Without proper airflow, the plants will starve for oxygen. Thus, it results in fewer harvests and even plant failure. 

If you have a serious air need in your grow operation and need more outlets, buy AquaVita™ air pump today. It is an extremely powerful and durable pump on the market that comes with four outlets. These outlets produce a steady stream of air. 

The four outlets make it easier to split the airflow. When used in conjunction with AquaVita air stones, the bubbles generated will enhance the dissolved oxygen level of the nutrient reservoir. In addition, the quiet design removes too much annoying noise. 

Besides this, the reliable air pump has adjustable airflow. This makes it easy to control the airflow to different tanks. The pump comes with a double diaphragm for high reliability. 

AquaVita™ air pump features a 5’ power cord and needs an inner hose of diameter 3/16”. You can also use the pump in fish farms and aquariums. Moreover, the compact size and lightweight design help you make maximum use of restricted space.

The powerful motor generates high air flow and is completely enclosed to prevent contact with other pump components. AquaVita company offers a one-year manufacturing warranty on the air pump. 

Avoid overheating by positioning the air pump in an area with excellent airflow. Alternatively, you can use a small fan. Invest in AquaVita™ air pump today and offer necessary oxygen to plants needed to thrive.


  • SKU/MODEL No.: DL-600409

  • Brand: AquaVita

  • Number of Outlets: 4

  • Liters Per Minute: 9

  • Outlets Adjustable: Yes

  • Wattage: 8 Watt

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