Autopilot CO2 Monitor & Controller w/15' Remote Sensor

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Excessive or too little amount of CO2 in a grow room could impact the health of your plants, pets, and even humans. The autopilot controller is a smart way to monitor, control, and record the CO2 levels of your grow room. Whether you want to record the grow room data for over minutes, hours, or upto 7 days, then you can take the help of the controller.

  • Fully Customizable CO2: Make adjustments according to the requirement of the growing environment, surroundings.

  • Easy-to-Use Controller: The CO2 levels of the room can be monitored for minutes, hours, or 7 days at a stretch with the controller.

  • Keep track of your PPM Levels: The trend chart's zoom levels help you trace the PPM levels.

  • LED Identification Lights: The fixture comes with green LED lights which lets you keep a check on the unit's status during all times.

You can take complete control over your grow room’s CO2 level with the Autopilot CO2 monitor. The CO2 levels can be tracked for minutes, hours, and upto a period of 7 days with the controller. The tracking process is simple and quick. It features a customizable headband and a setpoint.

You can easily take control over the CO2 levels of the grow room and make fine adjustments according to the plantations' requirements. The autopilot controls CO2 levels precisely. The ppm deadband is customizable. The CO2 setpoint allows flexibility in programming. The fixture comes with adjustable trend chart zoom levels, which allows you to trace ppm levels easily.

The remote CO2 sensor probe w/photocell and 15’ data lets you take care of the readings from multiple grow house locations. The fixture comes with green LED identification lights that keep you updated on units' status at all times.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-APC8200

  • Shipping Weight:2.30 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:9.65L x 7.48W x 3.94H

  • Frequency: 60

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