Autopilot CUMULUS S50 Digital CO2 Controller


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Maintaining CO2 levels at the grow room could be the deciding factor for your plants' health and growth. The Autopilot cumulus gives you complete control over measuring and controlling the CO2 levels inside your room. You can keep a complete check over the ppm readings to 1 ppm resolution. The grow light can be mounted on the walls and grow tents easily.

  • LED Mode: The LED on the controller displays the CO2 levels clearly and indicates the errors, so you know the CO2 levels of the room.

  • ETL-Listed: It is proof that the product complies with the set national standards, making it completely safe for use.

  • Improve the CO2 Injection Shade: You can increase the injection rate of CO2 by switching to Fuzzy logic mode.

  • Easy Installation: The grow light can be mounted to the grow tents and grow room easily without professional help.

Take complete control over the CO2 levels in your room with the Autopilot cumulus, which lets you manage CO2 precisely. You get three options for adjustment ppm up, ppm down, and fuzzy logic. The LED indicator gives you the information or the ppm readings. It gives a fully customizable CO2 setpoint.

The grow light comes with a dual-beam CO2 sensor and adjustable CO2 deadband. It can record high and low levels of CO2. The fuzzy logic model is adjustable and can be turned on/off.

The controller comes with an LED which indicates errors and readings. The grow light light has been ETL listed, which makes it safe for human use. The product complies with the accepted national standards, so your investment is completely safe.

The controller has a fully customizable Deadband, error indicator, LED mode. With the fuzzy logic model, you can control the regular system and compressed CO2 tank to minimize the CO2 level.

The grow light can be easily mounted on grow tents and walls of grow tents. Also, you get a mounting kit with the controller. So, you do not need a professional to help you hang the grow light fixture.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-APE3100

  • Shipping Weight: 3.20 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:11.40L x 7.10W x 6.00H

  • Rated Amperage:14.5 A

  • Voltage: 120 V

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