Autopilot ECLIPSE F90 Master Environmental Controller


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The centralized environmental controller is the most useful technology for a grower as it helps monitor and control humidity, temperature, CO2. It has 3 digital screens installed which display vital information, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, to update you constantly. The master environment controller offers separate night and day temp. And humidity set points.

  • Digital Error Indicator: The digital display allows easy accessibility and displays errors, so you are fully aware of the system’s functioning.

  • High-Temperature Shutdown Feature: When the fixture witnesses excessive light temperature, it automatically turns it off, so the plants do not get damaged.

  • Save Records: You can save the temperature, CO2 levels, and humidity and can access later on with the saved data.

  • Internal Battery Backup: During an emergency, the internal battery backup never lets the functioning stop, so plants never suffer.

Even if there are any errors, it displays. It comes with 4 different outlets to connect different external devices for humidifying/dehumidifying, heating, cooling, and CP2 ppm. The outlets are covered by protective covers, which do not let atmospheric pressure enter the outlet and interrupt its functioning.

The controller comes with a built-in logger which keeps a record of the maximum and minimum temperature, CO2 ppm levels, and humidity levels. When there is exhaust or AC failure, the high-temperature shutdown feature saves the crop. The feature has been designed to be used with CO2 generators.

With the high-temperature shutdown feature, the grower can set an emergency temperature unit which can further help shutdown the CO2 generator so that the grow light temperature can be reduced by 10°F.

When there is a failure in the ac or the exhaust fan, don't worry about the plantations getting damaged. The modern controller comes equipped with the latest technology, which automatically shuts down the system when it witnesses a temperature surge. The feature is completely optional, so its usage completely depends on you.

The eclipse comes with an intelligent and sensitive remote combination probe that features a highly accurate dual beam CO2 sensor. You can place the probe 15 feet away from the controller. The probe has been designed to resist the digital ballast's EFI/EMI from the electronic ballasts.

With the 2 mounting kits that you get with the controller, you can easily mount the fixture on the grow wall or the tent.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-APE4200

  • Shipping Weight:5.20 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:10.50L x 10.40W x 6.00H

  • Rated Amperage:14.5 A

  • Voltage: 120 V

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