Autopilot PX2 Advanced Lighting Controller


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The autopilot lighting controller can take charge of up to 512 fixtures from a single centralized location. It is compatible to work with Core HID, Photobio LED fixtures, core HID fixtures. Whether a digital or analog zone, the autopilot advanced lighting controller gives the flexibility to operate both zones. The auto-dimming feature of the lighting controller won't let it exceed setpoints.

  • Uncompromising Reliability: The controller cables are shielded against electromagnetic interference, ensuring proper communication and signal reliability.

  • 2 Dedicated Sensors: You can access real-time data for high-temperature shutdown features and automated temperature-based dimming, which will help protect your garden.

  • Built-in Battery Backup: When there is no electricity, the advanced lighting controller will work seamlessly with the built-in battery backup.

  • Auto-Dimming: When the lights exceed the set temperature, the sensor instantly dims itself down so plants do not get burnt due to overheating.

The Autopilot PX2 advanced lighting controller can control up to 512 fixtures with 2 separate control zones but from a single centralized location. It can control over 100 analog LED(50 per zone) fixtures and 512 digital-analog(256 per zone) fixtures.

The controller can work with core HID and phantom fixtures. With the dual-zone configuration and the fixture's versatility, the growers get complete control over the grow area. The fixture cables are well shielded and protected against electromagnetic interference, ensuring uncompromising communication and signal reliability.

Growers can take complete control over the dark cycles and light with the photoperiod timing feature. It uses smart sensors, which makes the growers aware when the temperature exceeds the limit. The fixture starts auto-dimming when it exceeds the temperature.

The fixture comes with sunset and sunrise simulation settings that can immediately ramp up and down the photoperiod's ends. The built-in battery backup feature won’t disrupt the functioning of the grow light. Your plantations can fully rely on the functioning of the grow light at all times.

The photosynthetic photon flux control lets you schedule PPF emitted from the fixture during the plantations' light cycle. If you have defined the fixture's operational function and the grow light exceeds it, it will automatically shut down. You get the option to configure the restrike delay times, so you can eliminate the lamp damaging hot starts.


  • SKU/Model No.:HF-APDPX2

  • Shipping Weight:3.75 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:6.42L x 13.07W x 5.00H

  • Weight (Unboxed):3.75

  • Width (Unboxed):13.07

  • Length (Unboxed): 6.42

  • Height (Unboxed): 5.00

Customer Reviews

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Kristopher D.
Autopilot Px2

Best price on the internet controller works great a must have for photobio lights can dial wattage in 1% increments instead of being stuck with what the dial offers.

Edward Liles (rollenblunts)
Best price and quick delivery

Absolutely the best price for the unit. Came super quick and easy to install I'm super happy with it

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