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The AWOL (XXL) CARGO Duffle Bag is designed with the most delicate fabrics, hardware, and stitching in the textile industry. The odor-locking power of these superior materials is unmatched by any other duffel bag on the market. AWOL is durable, water-and odor-resistant, and will transport your crop safely wherever you go. The bag's exterior is crafted from a heavy-duty, specific material, giving it a rugged feel, water-repellent properties, and a high-quality appearance. This material is used on many high-strength travel items and tactical bags used by the military.

  • Large Capacity Versatile Uses: This extra-large duffle bag, measuring 50" x 20" x 20", can be used as a packable duffle bag! The extremely spacious interior allows you to conveniently organize your belongings for a stress-free journey. With their side handles, This AWOL (XXL)'s travel packing bags can be utilized for long-distance travel.

  • Multipurpose Quality Luggage Bag:   The fabric of the AWOL (XXL) CARGO Duffle Bag is 600D polyester. This travel duffel bag is durable and resistant to the elements. This enormous duffel bag for ladies and gentlemen is designed to handle all types of heavy luggage with ease, including being tossed around at airports and bus terminals and transporting sports equipment. This AWOL sturdy duffle bag is perfect as a military bag for both men and women, as well as people who travel frequently!

  • Innovative Design: It provides a superior user experience! The AWOL (XXL) CARGO Duffle Bag has long shoulder straps and a double-stitched lining for added load-bearing capacity and stability. The zippers are lockable with TSA locks. There is also an interior zipper pocket to safeguard and facilitate access to your belongings. The large travel bag is made of polyester, which makes it more resistant to tearing and waterproof in bad weather. .

  • Easy To Store And Use: The AWOL (XXL) CARGO Duffle Bag can be collapsed and folded, making it easy to stow in a closet or under a bed despite its large appearance. This collapsible duffle bag is the ideal camping companion or bag for a Christmas tree or a small boat! This enormous duffle bag is the perfect present for your frequent-traveling friends and family!

The bag's interior is lined with activated carbon and protected by a thick nylon mesh. In addition to being larger, we have added reinforced stitching to support the additional weight, nylon mesh to protect the carbon lining, thicker handling straps, and larger, thicker handles to avoid tearing and improve comfort. Black powder-coated metal hardware provides stealth, style, and tactical functionality for AWOL bags. There are additional handles on the bag's ends in case your harvest is so large that you need assistance carrying it. The closure system is a significant component of the AWOL duffel bags; the wetsuit zipper and double flap keep moisture out and odor in. Never worry about your odor again. AWOL bags allow you to transport your harvest to the bank!

The (AWOL) All-Weather Odor Locking Bags have made transporting your crop much easier. The outside shell of the Cargo Duffle is made of a heavy-duty specialty material, which gives it a rough feel, water-repellent protection, and a high-quality appearance. A strong nylon mesh inside the bag covers a layer of carbon, which keeps odors from getting out.

Furthermore, reinforced stitching helps to keep the extra weight in place; nylon mesh protects the carbon interior; and thicker straps and grips prevent ripping and promote comfort. The closure method of the AWOL backpacks is the most important feature; the wetsuit zipper and double flap keep moisture out and stink in.


  • SKU Model: DL-886131

  • Brand: AWOL (CARGO Duffle Bag) 

  • Dimensions: 33" x 15" x 15"

  • Size: Extra Large

  • UPC:    816731019453

  • Qty: 1

  • Weight (lb):    5.15

  • Width (in):    21.00

  • Height (in):    18.00

  • Length (in):    4.00

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