B.Lite 1000w Premium DE HPS Fixture

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The grow light is ideal for placement in small and commercial grow spaces. It has been designed to replace a 1000W HID. As it has a compact flat design, it can be easily placed in narrow grow areas to maximize the growth of plants. Taking complete control over the light recipes becomes comfortable with the B-lite master zone controller, which can be purchased separately.

  • Dimmable: Create varied light recipes to support different stages of a plant’s growth cycle.

  • Flat Design: The flat design maximizes the plant height in small grow spaces.

  • B-Lite Zone Controller: You can pair the fixture with B-lite zone controller(sold separately) to create light recipes and control the system output as per the requirement.

  • Enlarged Reflector: Due to the large reflectors on the canopy, the light is reflected to a large area of the canopy.

The grow light is the perfect replacement for a 1000W HID, and it supports a new flat design due to which it can be placed in narrow growing areas. With fins on all the sides, the heat is dispersed uniformly to the canopy, so all the plants get the nourishment that they deserve.

It comes with built cooling fans which evacuate the excessive system heat for the smooth functioning of the fixture. The cooling fans maintain the ambient temperature so that the system does not get damaged due to overheating. A thermostat controls the fans; therefore, the system has a cool running temperature and longevity.

It uses soft start technology which helps reduce the load and torque in the electric current surge. It will help protect the equipment and protect the equipment due to immediate, sudden starts and stops. Therefore the technology promises and increases the lifespan of the fixture. It uses 50% less technology when the lamp starts, so there is no sudden thrust.

It is perfect for various lighting needs. The B-lite ballast can be used in 400W, 600W and 1000W lamps, so you get at least 3 ballasts in one. With smart ignition technology, you can save your system from failures and overload circuits. The system is compatible with MH and HPS lamps. It comes with a standard socket which works with most of the reflectors.

The grow light delivers efficiency equivalent to a 1000W HID and fits the need of the gardeners and growers of all skills. It has a compact flat design which works on increasing the height of the plants.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-129992

  • Smart ignition to protect lamps and circuit overload when running multiple ballast.

  • Soft start technology for longer lamp life.

  • Multi-Wattage with Super Bright option

  • Heat dispersing fins on all 4 sides

  • Internal cooling fan

  • Multi-Wattage with super bright option

  • Works with both HPS and MH lamps

  • Standard socket to work with most reflectors

  • 99% Power factor

  • Soft Start technology for longer lamp life

  • Smart ignition to protect lamps and circuit overload when running multiple ballast

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