B.Lite 315W Pro CMH Fixture & Bulb 120-240v

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The compact-sized grow light fixture uses the latest technology and comes with a multi-watt option, lower amp draw and operating temperature for achieving superior quality yield. The fixture has been designed to meet the needs of small and commercial grow spaces. The soft-start technology of the fixture assures a long lamp life.

  • Top Yield Quality Assured: Due to CMH light, the spectrum and wattage get a perfect blend, so you achieve a superior quality yield.

  • Full Circuit Protection: The safety of the users is ensured as the fixture comes with full circuit protection which protects excessive current flow and short circuits.

  • B-Lite Zone Controller: It has been designed to pair with B-lite zone controller(sold separately), so you can take complete control of the system output.

  • Dimming Feature: Adjust the output as per the need of the growing environment and stage of a plant’s growth cycle.

You can take the yield to the next level with the multi-watt option, lower operating temperature and lower amp draw. It has a compact, adjustable design which can fit almost anywhere. The grow light has been designed, keeping in mind the requirement of the growers of all skills and scale. Whether you wish to install the grow light in a small space or a large growing area, it will work anywhere perfectly.

The CMH light blends the spectrum and wattage so that you achieve the top quality yield. The performance of the fixture can be controlled with the use of a B-Lite master zone controller. The zone controller can be purchased separately as it does not come with the light fixture.

The fixture has full circuit protection which ensures reliability as it saves the fixture from the excessive current flow and short circuits. The full circuit protection takes care of the smooth functioning of the fixture and increases product life.

Different stages of a plant's life cycle need varying amounts of light output. So, you can adjust the settings of the B.lite fixture as it comes with a dimmable function. You can also purchase an external B-lite zone controller for creating light recipes and setting the operational hours.

The soft-start feature of the fixture means that fixture is protected against a sudden flow of current as it is released gradually, thus avoiding short circuits and system damage.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-129993

  • Input Voltage: 120V - 240VAC

  • Power Factor: 120VAC Full Load 0.98

  • THD: < 10%

  • Input Frequency: 48-63Hz

  • Operation Temperature: 0 - 35?

  • Relative Humidity: 25-70%

  • Reflector: ALMECO Vega & Alanod MIRO

  • Ignition Voltage: 3KV-5KV

  • Light Source: 315W Lamp

  • Dimensions: 296.5 x 238.5 x 175mm

  • Packaging Dimensions: 385x287x216mm

  • Designed to work with B-Lite Master Zone Controller (Not Included)

  • Dimmable Settings (60% / 80% / 315W / Super Lumen)

  • Advanced Dimmable Feature with use of External B-Lite Master Zone Controller (0W - 315W)

  • Smart Start Ignition Control

  • Soft Start

  • Hot Lamp Re-Strike

  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment

  • Full Circuit Protection

  • CMH 315W Lamp

  • RF Shielding

Package Includes:

  • 315W CMH Fixture

  • 315W CMH Lamp

  • RJ14 Connection Kit

  • Power Cable

  • Specifications Manual

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