B.Lite 630W Pro CMH Fixture & Bulb 120-240v

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Whether you are a professional or a small-scale grower, the B-lite series premium CMH fixture has been designed to meet everyone’s requirements. You can use the fixture paired up with 315W or 500W CMH bulbs and control the light output with the B-Lite ballast controller. The compact-sized fixture has been equipped with the latest technology, lower operating temperature, multi-watt option, and a lower amp draw.

  • Dimmable: You can adjust the light and adjust the light output by 60% and 80% using the external b-lite master zone controller.

  • Soft Start: It assures lesser power consumption and promises an exceptional fixture performance.

  • Full Circuit Protection: It reduces the chances of short circuit and system damage due to sudden current flow and overheating.

  • Reflectors: It comes with reflectors, which help increase the light intensity and magnify the effect to reach a larger canopy.

The B-Lite series premium CMH fixture meets the needs of gardeners growing at a different scale. It uses the latest technology and has the latest features like lower amp draw, lowers the operating temperature, and a multi-watt option, which takes the quality of yield to the next level. It has an advanced and compact design, which does not take much space in the growing area.

The CMH lights properly blend the perfect amount of spectrum and wattage to ensure a high-quality yield. You can use the light fixture with 315W or 500W CMH bulbs. Taking complete control over the light output is super convenient with the B-Lite ballast controller.

You can reduce the operation cost, reduce the light intensity and heat output by making a dimmable setting. You can adjust the light and heat intensity between 60% to 80%. The fixture comes with full-circuit protection, making sure that the current does not overflow when there are sudden surges. Also, full circuit protection saves against system damage, thus ensuring its long life and reliability.

With the soft-start feature, you can automatically adjust and protect against any overload. It helps reduce the stress from the motor during the power-up stage. A soft starter gradually helps steady, smooth, and linear slope of power.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-129995

  • Input Voltage: 120V - 240VAC

  • Power Factor: 120VAC Full Load 0.98

  • THD: < 10%

  • Input Frequency: 48-63Hz

  • Operation Temperature: 0 - 35?

  • Relative Humidity: 25-70%

  • Reflector: Vega & Alanod MIRO Reflector

  • Ignition Voltage: 3KV-5KV

  • Light Source: (2) 315W CMH Lamp

  • Dimensions: 544.5x238.5x179mm

  • Packaging Dimensions: 385x287x216mm

  • Dimmable Settings (60% / 80% / 630W / Super Lumen)

  • Advanced Dimmable Feature with use of External B-Lite Master Zone Controller (1W - 630W)

  • Smart Start Ignition Control

  • Soft Start

  • Hot Lamp Re-Strike

  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment

  • Full Circuit Protection

  • (2) 315W CMH Lamp

  • RF Shielding

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