B.Lite 720W Premium 1940e LED Grow Light

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Whether you are looking for a grow light solution for vertical racks, grow rooms, over benches, hobby markets, or commercial setups, B.Lite is the perfect solution. The fixture has been fixed with the highest quality Samsung diodes, which blanket the canopy with the maximum amount of usable light. The foldable feature makes the grow light unique as it makes the fixture easy to carry.

  • Full Spectrum Light: The LEDs give out a sunlike spectrum, which provides overall nourishment to the plantations in a fraction of seconds.

  • Dimming Setting: You can adjust the dimmer's setting and adjust the brightness level according to the plants' diverse needs.

  • Foldable Design: The foldable design of the fixture allows for easier transportation.

  • B-Lite Master Controller: Take complete control over the fixture settings with the B-lite master controller.

With the input power of 720W, the bike delivers an efficacy of 2.7umol/J and a PPF of 1915umol/s. The light source for the grow light is the high-performance Samsung LED chips, which emit full spectrum light for the plants' overall growth and development.

With 90 CRI count, the color rendering is good. The grow gardeners prefer light as it uses the highest quality diodes for high-quality output. With 1949e, the grow light uses the least amount of energy to give the maximum output. The LEDs emit full-spectrum light, which provides the maximum output and boosts all the growing stages of a plant’s life cycle. With high efficacy, the fixture promises increased yields and quality production.

It is ultra-thin and has a foldable design, which makes it easier to carry anywhere. The light is perfect for all the commercial growing environments. The built-in design of the drivers helps you save on the mounting time. So, you can simply plugin and begin playing,

Due to proper heat management, the system works efficiently throughout. In the absence of cooling fans, you do not have to bear any annoying sounds.

As the fixture comes with built-in drivers, you can plug in and begin using the horticulture solution. The B-lite horticulture solution is compatible with the B-Lite BLMC (270500), a master controller, a professionalized program that helps create the best quality yields.


  • High efficacy: (2.7umol/J)

  • High PPF output: (1940umol/s)

  • Light source: high performance samsung led chips

  • Input voltage: 120-277V

  • Actual input power: 720watts

  • PF: 0.98

  • CRI: RA90

  • Ambient operating temperature: 14-104F

  • Full spectrum light output

  • Mounting height 6’’ above plant canopy

  • Unique heat dissipation and waterproof design

  • Compatible for low room, vertical racks, over benches and other commercials or hobby markets

  • Compatible with B-lite BLMC (270500) master controller with all the dimming setting or cycling

  • Plug & Play, no assembling required

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steve boyle

Great lights that’s for sure I love them very powerful

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