B.Lite Premium 660W 1700e LED Grow Light

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The premium 660W grow light fixture is the preferred choice of gardeners who are looking for solutions for small grow areas and sizable commercial houses. Equipped with the best quality diodes that help blanket the canopy with the maximum with lower amp draw, low operating temperature and multi watt options for the diverse needs. The product is foldable and more comfortable to transport.

  • Dimmable: Adjust the heat output, colour temperature and manage the operational costs as per the requirement of the growth stage of a plant’s life.

  • B-Lite Master Zone Controller: The grow light comptroller helps you take control of the light recipes instantly with the remote control.

  • Passive Heat Management: The system cooling happens without the use of electric fans, and the system heat is dissipated quickly and efficiently.

  • Foldable: The system size can be squeezed down as it is foldable, making it easier for transportation.

The growlight fixture has been designed to meet with the requirements of the growers cultivating at vast and small scale alike. Gardeners of all skills and levels can take advantage of the grow light. The fixture has been equipped with the highest quality diodes which provide coverage to a massive canopy with the maximum amount of light.

The grow light has a low operating temperature, multi-watt options and low amp draw, which helps take the growth of the plantations to the next level. The grow light diodes promise to create the highest quality yield with the minimum input.

Transporting the grow light is super easy as these can be folded down and easily transported. Controlling the light recipes and colour temperature of the fixture becomes comfortable with the B-Lite Master zone controller, which helps you to adjust the heat and the light intensity as per the need.

The input power of the future is 660W, and it delivers a PPF of 1700µmol/s and efficacy has been reported at 2.7 µmol/J. The grow light fixture uses a passive management system which does not use any electric fans to dissipate the heat. The heat dissipation system is energy efficient, and passive thermal management uses the least amount of heat to maintain the system temperature.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-129980

  • Input Voltage: 100V - 277VAC

  • Input Power: 660W

  • Power Factor: 120VAC Full Load =90%

  • PPF: 1700 µmol/s

  • Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J

  • Thermal Management: Passive

  • Operation Temperature: 0 - 35?

  • Color Rendering Index: Ra90

  • Chip: SAMSUNG

  • Light Source: LED

  • Dimensions: 1184 x 1119 x 79mm

  • Packaging: 1250 x 690 x 170mm

  • Dimmable Settings (200W / 350W / 450W / 660W)

  • Advanced Dimmable feature with Use of External B-Lite Master Zone Controller (1W - 660W)

  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment

  • Full Circuit Protection

  • RF Shielding

  • 660W LED Fixture

  • Power Cable

  • RJ14 Connection Kit

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