Black Dog LED 1220W PhytoMAX-3 24SC LED Grow Light

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If you are a commercial grower looking for the most powerful lights for your commercial applications, buying the Black Dog LED 1220W PhytoMAX-3 24SC LED Grow Light is the best option. It has the potential to give you more than 7 pounds of cured, dried, and trimmed flowers per lighting fixture.

  • Produce Bigger Crop Yields: This grow light gives you enhanced yield with reduced energy costs which means more profits.
  • Double Coverage: The flowering footprint of PhytoMAX-3 light is double the industry standard. It helps in covering more regions with fewer lighting fixtures.
  • Complete Spectrum: It consists of a more powerful and complete Phyto-genesis spectrum.
  • Daisy-Chain Compatible: PhytoMAX-3 24SC grow light is daisy-chain compatible. It allows you to run multiple fixtures on a single outlet. 

Get up to more than 7 pounds of cured, dried, and trimmed flowers per light with PhytoMAX-3 24-SC commercial grow light. It uses advanced technology and premium quality top-bin LED bulbs to provide a full-cycle Phyto-Genesis spectrum®  (350 – 750 Nm, UV – NIP PBAR) over the whole footprint uniformly.

Based on years of research and testing, a Phyto-genesis spectrum® is the most powerful and effective full-spectrum cycle for growing plants. This LED light has a big flowering footprint. It offers a large coverage area of about 8.75' x 8.75'/ light.

The Black Dog LED 1220 Watt PhytoMAX-3 24SC LED light is also daily-chain compatible. It allows you to run multiple lights about 20 amperes on one outlet. The grow light is also equipped with a dimmable capacity. This allows you to dim the light from 15% to 100% using standard – to 10 Volt dimming controllers. 

Furthermore, PhytoMAX-3 flowering footprint is twice the industry standard (80 - more than 120 grams per square foot). Therefore, it helps cover more regions of your grow space with fewer lights, i.e., upto 8.75-inch x 8.75-inch per light.

The reliable grow light also has many certifications such as FCC, ETL, RoHS, and CE. So, invest in this Black Dog LED bulb today to get increased profits while consuming minimal energy.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-BD-PMAX-3-24SC

  • Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 4.5"

  • Dimming: 0-10V, 15% to 100%

  • Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS, ETL

  • Weight: 45 lb (20kg)

  • True Wattage: 1220w

  • Amp Draw: 12.20A @ 100V; 10.17A @ 120V; 5.87A @ 208V; 5.08A @ 240V; 4.40A @ 277V

  • AC Voltage Range: AC 100V~277V (50/60 Hertz)

  • Mean Time Between Failure: > 70,000 hours

  • Power Cord Options: NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA 7-15, NEMA L7-15, and Pigtails

  • Number of LED Bulbs: 672

  • Power Factor: > 0.98

  • BTU: 4160

  • Standard Power Cord Length: 8 feet

  • Fans Expected Life: > 70,000 hours

  • Operation Temperature Range: -4~104 °F

  • Photobiological Photon Flux Density (PBFD): 280 - 800 nm

  • Maximum flowering space: 8.75' x 8.75'

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