3/4'' x 25' Black Poly Tubing

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3/4'' x 25' Black Poly Tubing is engineered to carry the nutrients and water to the emitters from the reservoir pump in the hydroponic system. It is made using high-end vinyl. This feature makes it non-toxic, light in weight, and flexible. The tubing is also great to use in aquaponics. 

  • Made Using Premium Quality Vinyl: The tubing is manufactured with durable, 100% opaque, and strong vinyl material. It prevents algae growth.
  • Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors: It performs well in all outdoor weather conditions. So, you can use the tubing both outdoors and indoors.
  • 100% Safe: This polyvinyl tubing is rigid and does not contain phthalates. It makes it much safer than other hydroponic tubing available on the market.
  • Flexible: The walls of tubing are flexible and strong. It allows you to install it anywhere.

This black poly tubing is designed to allow seamless flow of nutrient-rich reservoir solution to the plants in a hydroponic or aquaponic system. It is very much cost-effective as compared to plastic or metal. This tubing is also very stiff and is highly durable as compared to regular polyvinyl tubing.

Moreover, the 3/4'' x 25' Black Poly Tubing is made using high-end vinyl material. It helps the tubing withstand weather conditions and sudden stress/pressure. Therefore, it prevents cracking or breakage of tubing even if you use it outdoors.

Moreover, the tubing does not leach any toxic chemicals in the garden. This durable vinyl tube is also flexible and lighter, thus, you can bend it at any angle and adjust it wherever you like. Lightweight features allow you to carry the tube anywhere easily.

It will serve you for longer periods without requiring any replacement. Depending on the complexity and size of your grow system, the number of tubing and length can differ. 

Furthermore, this 3/4'' x 25' Black Poly Tubing is thermoplastic. It makes it highly resistant to heat and corrosion. It is ideal for aeroponic or hydroponic grow systems. The flexible black poly tubing also comes in a wide variety of configurations. You can use the tube with water or air.

This 3/4'' x 25' Black Poly Tubing is well tested. It is not plasticized and does not contain any phthalate or BPAs. Hence, it makes the tubing 100% safe to use. Even when the poly tubing gets dirty, it also does not attract any harmful pathogens.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-734025

  • Color: Black

  • Length: 25'

  • Outer Dimensions: 1"

  • Inner Dimensions: 3/4"

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