California Light Works SolarSystem 275 LED Grow Light

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The SolarSystem 275 LED Grow Light can replace a 400-watt HPS system. The 275-watt LED withdraws 200-watts of energy, consuming 40% less energy. You can take full control of the spectrum and also custom create light recipes with the help of the SolarSystem Controller(optional). Install the fixture in series to cover large grow spaces.

  • Fully-Programmable Spectrum: With the optional SolarSystem Controller, you can program the spectrum to promote the growth of different plantations.

  • Save 40% Energy: The system replaces the 400-watt HPS system as it delivers the same yield while consuming 200-watts of energy. It uses 40% less energy and saves you from unnecessary power consumption costs.

  • Longer Life-Span: The LED of the system is rated at 50,000 hours, which means that there won't be any requirement to replace the bulbs throughout their lifetime.

  • Sun-Like Spectrum: The LED emits a sun-like spectrum so that the plants get the same nourishment they would have under natural sunlight.

The solar system offers2-channel dimming, as opposed to 3 on the 550 and 1100 models. To increase the efficiency of the unit, you can connect it to a SolarSystem Controller with which you can fully control the spectrum according to the needs of different plantations. The grow light supports vegetative and flower growth through every stage of its life cycle.

The full white spectrum emitted by the grow light promotes all critical biophysical and biochemical processes, helping plants carry the process of photosynthesis.

It is a low-maintenance grow light as the LEDs, and the cooling fans are rated at 50,000 hours. So, you will not have to replace them before the mentioned life cycle. The footprint of the grow light is quite satisfactory, vegetative footprint being 5' x 5' and flower footprint is 3' x 3'.

The grow light can replace a 400-watt HPS system. It withdraws 200-watts of energy and uses 40% less power to give the same output. So, with the system, you save massively on power consumption costs.

The fixture is lightweight and super easy to install and use. You need to plug-in to begin using the grow light system. The LED kit includes 6 ft. power cord, communication cable so you can install the system easily on your own.

You get 5-years manufacturers' warranty with the product.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-CLWSS275

  • Power Consumption: 0-200 W

  • Light Output - PPF: 1284

  • Spectrum Control: Digital / Programmable

  • Auto Voltage: 90-277 VAC

  • Maximum Current: 1.65A @ 120V, 0.8A @ 240V

  • Frequency: 50-60 HZ

  • Heat Output: BTU: 640

  • Operating Temperature: 0-107 F

  • Power Factor: >0.95

  • Dimensions: 8.5″ X 8.5″ X 4″

  • Weight: 7 lbs

  • Coverage Area: BLOOM: 3 X 3; VEG: Up to 5 X 5

  • LED Lifetime Rating: 50,000+

  • Thermal Management: Active

  • Dimming: 2 Channel 0-100%

  • Cord Length: 6 ft

  • Data Connection: RJ11

  • Certifications: UL & CE

  • Manufacturers' Warranty: 5-Years

LED Kit Includes:

  • Power cord

  • Communication cable

Customer Reviews

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david heiss
Love these guys

bought two w/ the controller which is very important. The industry is full of fools gold and goes far beyond just shipping. The control allows you to set the stage of the growth aka seeding, Veg, transition, flower, and then final count down over the last couple of weeks where a lot of people don't know you dictate the outcome because it goes deeper than just a 12/12hr or 11/13. The online sources have thought and displayed to us that u have to be RED and RED yabba dabba doo! But complete is complete BS in my eyes. If like like loose puffy flowers then yes but if like that Gas/chemical you need to be using blue. Tighter buds and taste over to size come from blue not red. The control allows you to program it and walk away from pretty much the full life cycle of your grow-out. Nice set it and forget method allows you to regain back your life .lol If your plants are not growing as fast as you would like use a heating pad underneath even if it's warm out because the soil is cold on the inside and a lot of people are not using a silicon booster to enrich their soil . No matter what brand you use it's required for happy root growth. Anyways when I thought I was having issues and I called them. They called me right back a spoke w the owner of the company small local company that knows cannabis, had me send pics of the plants, and told me it's not the light that is the problem you plants Have a nasty overdose of nuts cause the leaves to look ghosted on top. Took his advice on how today you have to be careful about what you read and do. Less is more always and sometimes fish oil is all you need.

California lightworks 275

Item arrived on time. Very good quality. Will be a returning customer

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