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The UVB bar is used as a supplemental grow light to support the primary horticulture LEDs. It is powered by T5 fluorescent bulbs that have a narrow diameter of 5/8", which makes them highly efficient. The light uses 24-watt power and helps improve the potency and resin development in plants. The UVB light is used during the last weeks or later stages of flowering.

  • UVB Light for Superior-Quality Yields: The UVB bar uses much less energy toenhance plant growth, chemical profiles, essential oils and aromas in plants.

  • Highly-Efficient T5 Fluorescent Bulbs: The bulbs have a narrow diameter of 5/8" which assures high efficiency (the narrower it gets the better results it delivers). The bulbs are more efficient than HPS and MH grow lights.

  • Piggy-Back Design: You can install up to 10 units from a single outlet.

  • Used as a Supplement Light: You can use the UVB lights to support the primary horticulture lights to achieve high-quality yields.

  • 5-Years Warranty: You get a long-time guarantee by the manufacturer, so stay confident about the purchase.

The UVB grow lights can supplement the regular horticulture grow lights for achieving higher quality yields. The grow light is powered by the T5 fluorescent are considered more efficient than the HPS and MH lamps. The T5 fluorescent bulbs have a narrow diameter of 5/8", and smaller the number gets the better efficiency it delivers. The recommended height for mounting the UVB light is 3', 6' or 8' above the canopy. During the seedling stage, install the light at 12' height to avoid any damage. The footprint of the grow light is 4' x 4' when placed at 3' above the canopy.

The UVB bar withdraws 24-watt power to deliver superior quality yields as it enhances the overall plant growth and development, improves the chemical profiles, essential oils and its aroma. It encourages resin development and potency in plant plantations.

The UVB rays are really harmful and can cause some serious damage if the human body is exposed to it. Make sure that you turn the UVB off before entering the growing space. Recommended for plant use only.

The fixture cannot be installed at places where the surroundings are challenging. It cannot withstand excess moisture conditions, use it only in dry locations.

The ultraviolet B-rays support the plants' seedling stage and the final flowering stage. You can stay rest assured with your purchase as you get 5-years manufacturers' warranty with the product purchase.



  • Max Wattage:24 watts

  • Input Voltage: 120V AC

  • Maximum Current: .2A@ 120V

  • Operating Temperature: 32-107F (0-40C)

  • Dimensions: 23" x 4" x 2"

  • Coverage Area Bloom: 4' x 4'

  • Manufacturers' Warranty: 5-Years

LED Kit Includes:

  • UVB Bulb

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Wow, shipped quick! Light is great. I'm so happy with it all. Thank you very much

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