California Light Works SolarXtreme 1000 LED Grow Light

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The SolarXtreme 1000 LED grow light is powered by the new age COB LEDs, which offer high light density, low-heat signature, and is the perfect cost-effective solution for small grow spaces. The grow light is designed for small grow spaces, indoor growers. The grow light when mounted at 38” height delivers 500nm PPFD and at 28” height its PPFD is reported 800nm.

  • Full-Spectrum LED light: It imitates the properties of the sun-like spectrum, so the plants get the required nourishment.

  • Active Heat Management System: The system gets rid of the excessive heat with the help of cooling fans. Effective heat management is crucial for a longer life span of the system.

  • Low-Heat Signature: The LED grow light has a low heat signature so you can install them in narrow spaces like shelves and small grow areas as these won’t damage or burn the plants.

  • New COB Technology: COB LEDs emit sun-like spectrum with less heat, and penetrate far beneath the canopy.

The SolarXtreme 1000 LED Grow Light is the new-age horticulture system that uses COB (chip on board), as well as new direct AC drive technology, for achieving superior quality yields.

The COB LEDs offer high light density and these are comparatively powerful than the traditional lights. The intense light does not burn plants and penetrates the lowest parts of the canopy for their overall nourishment. With the AC drive technology in the grow light system, there is no need for the LED drivers. Also, the AC drive technology is a cost-effective solution.

The led emits full-spectrum light, which will provide your indoor plantations the required nourishment as it imitates sun-like properties. It is perfect for vegetables, indoor plants and flowers and supports them throughout the growing stages. The grow light system is ideal for the small-scale grow spaces, grow tents.

The grow fixture is average-sized with the dimensions 18" x 18" x 4" and can cover 5' x 5' area. By drawing 800W power, its PPFD is reported at 500nm at 38” height and 800nm at 28” height.

You get 3-years manufacturers’ warranty with the product.


  • SKU/Model: LED-CLWSX1000

  • Power Draw: 800w

  • 500 PPFD Distance: 38"

  • 800 PPFD Distance: 28"

  • Max Current: 6.6A @120v

  • Coverage Area: 5' x 5'

  • Heat Output: 2550 BTU

  • Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 4"

  • Weight: 22 lbs.

  • Thermal Management: Active

  • Manufacturers’ Warranty: 3 Years

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