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GC3 is the famous three-station bucket on the market. The main function of Centurion Gentle Cut Bucker is to cut the dry or fully hydrated flowers off the stem at a rate of 120+ pounds per hour and protecting the large crown buds from breaking apart into smaller pieces. It helps in preserving the structure of the buds fully intact for maintaining the look of the flower. 

  • High Processing Time: GC3 bucker has an incredible capacity of de-stemming the flower. It works at a rate of 120+ pounds per hour of fully hydrated flowers.
  • Provides Protection: Apart from the high speed, the system is gentle to the stems. So, no harm is caused to them.
  • Unsurpassed Power: It consists of 0.25 HP gear-driven motors that provide unsurpassed power.
  • Auto Cleaning: This triple workstation features a cleaning system, which removes and collects all debris into a vacuum bag. 

Centurion Gentle Cut Bucker bears an outstanding processing capacity of over 10,000 cuts per minute with three 0.25 hp motors. Buy this unexceptional device for your indoor or outdoor gardens and get the cutting done in minutes without harming the delicate stems.

It comes with a stand already included with industrial casters. This adds convenience to the consumers that want to move their system from one place to another.

This bucking system comes with multiple holes and three workstations. It works well with various industrial trimming machines by Centurion Pro like the Gladiator and 3.0. Centurion. The system is simple to set up, easy to clean, and requires the least maintenance. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • SKU/Model Number: DL-777131-TGC

  • Brand Name: CenturionPro

  • Quantity: 1

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