Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer


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The Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer is an automatic bud and leaf trimming machine that delivers superb performance, especially for its size. As the name indicates, the Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer is one of the smallest trimmers in the world, which is what makes it an attractive option among growers looking for an easy-to-operate, sleek harvest trimmer.

This Centurion mini trimmer is compact yet fast when it comes to making your harvest look perfect. Not only fast, but efficient, compact, and portable, too. With this automatic leaf trimmer you can do the work equivalent to 15 people. With 11 high-quality blades, this bud trimmer can take on more plant material than other trimmers its size.

This trimmer also includes an exclusive dust collection system to prevent messy trimming and ensures easier disposal , too, and an option for built in suction power, which helps to get a precise trim. With the Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer, your harvest clean-up will be a breeze whether you’re in a grow room or a smaller commercial space.

Features and benefits

  • Built-in 1.5 hp dust collection system for convenience
  • Can process 6-8 lbs dry and about 30-40 lbs wet material, per hour
  • Superior D2 hardened steel blades for precise trimming
  • Can be fully pressure washed for easy cleaning
  • Usable with wet plant material and dry material trimming
  • Includes the dust collection system
  • Built-in suction power ensures tight trim
  • Wheels included for easy mobility around your grow room and garden


25in.(L) x 10in. (W) x 35in. (H)

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