Chrome Air Divider 18 Outlet

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Chrome Air Divider 18 Outlet splits up the air coming from your pump and diverts it to exactly where you need it. These plastic dividers are made from durable plastic, and the chrome dividers feature individual valves for controlling each outlet. It is available in multiple outlet options and most used durable plastic and metal-air dividers.

  • Multiple Outlet Option: These air dividers come in multiple outlet options to brew compost teas. You can buy customized dividers according to the places you want to pump the air to
  • Split the Air Pump: Chrome Air Divider 18 Outlet helps split the air pump into multiple air stones.
  • Robust Material Used: The air divider is built with durable plastic and metal material. It is robust and can be used with different-sized hoses.
  • Individual Valves: The metallic and chrome air dividers have individual valves. It helps control the outlets individually without interrupting the flow through other outlets.

The DL-861118 Chrome air divider 18 Outlet helps to divert the air in areas where it's needed the most. It comes in multiple outlet options to choose from and is a multi-use object. You can use these air dividers in various places, such as in irrigation tanks, aquariums, and more. 

Whether it is an aquarium or a bicycle, this air pump helps to push air. The metallic and chrome air dividers are equipped with individual valves to control every outlet separately without interrupting the flow through other outlets. So instead, if you have a small aquarium to pump the air into, there are also five outlet dividers per your tank requirement.

It comes in both plastic and metallic Material, making it high-quality and resistant to corrosion, and has normal wear and tear. Besides this, the design provides efficient working for a longer period. Attach them to the air pump outlet with the double barbed ending that allows a stronghold with the hose. 

The standard eighteen outlet air divider accepts an inlet hose with a 5/16" inner diameter and 3/16" outlet. Hence, the inner hose pipe fits into the opening and sticks there for a long time. Moreover, the air divider performs efficiently, and the chrome air dividers are more reliable as they are corrosion, rust, and stain-resistant.

The chrome dividers have individual valves for controlling outlets. Don't wait. Therefore, invest your money in the best air divider outlet to make the best of your air pump exactly where you want it to go rather than an air divider. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-861118

  • Number of Outlets: 18 

  • Inlets:

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Chrome Metal

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