CLEARANCE - 4' x 330' (WHITE) VineLine Plastic Garden Netting Roll

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VineLine Plastic Garden Netting Roll is strong, rot-proof and lightweight to form an excellent barrier for plants. Since it's manufactured using 100% polyethylene, it is lightweight enough to be placed on the crops. It is perfect for commercial or domestic use. The net roll deters birds, deer and other creatures away from your plants and allows you to generate a bountiful harvest in small areas.

  • Polyethylene Manufacturing: It has a heavy-duty polyethylene mesh, making it strong, lightweight and durable enough to use for many years.
  • Excellent Plant Protection: This garden netting roll offer great protection to your plants against weather elements like damaging wind and rain while keeping garden pests and creates away.
  • Easy Installation and Transport: Tangle-free design allows quick installation and transport from one place to another.
  • Cut to Any Size: Garden netting roll is 4' x 330'. You can even cut the net roll into any size according to your garden size.

Insects, birds and other creatures love eating plants in your garden. VineLine Plastic Garden Netting Roll is a valuable asset for gardeners. It is light enough to put over the crops but strong enough to support vining plants such as peas, tomatoes, beans, melons, etc. 

It serves as an effective barrier against birds and insects and offers excellent sun protection plants in the summer season for a better yield. You can cut the net with scissors according to your liking. 

This plastic netting roll is also much affordable to use because it also allows re-use of net roll for many years. So, if you are looking to maximize space in your garden, this garden net roll is the right choice.

Polyethylene build makes the garden net strong, lightweight and allows you to use it all year round. Besides this, it lowers the effects of wind and rain while protecting plants from scorching sun rays.

This high-strength mesh netting is easy to install horizontally or vertically, depending on the garden application. The best part is that you can install it on your own without the need for professional tools. Just wrap the net around the stable structure on the ground and tighten it.

The tangle-free design allows easy handling. You can roll the garden net up for easy transportation or storage at the end of grow season. Plastic roll lets you disinfect it quickly as required. 

The soft-smooth finish does not have any irritating smell and will not cause damage to the plants. Invest in VineLine Plastic Garden Netting Roll today.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-117043

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale Inc

  • Volume: 0.1736

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