CLEARANCE - 6'' F5 In-Line Fan

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Create an optimal grow environment in your grow tent, indoor garden, or grow room using F5 In-Line Fan. It features a mixed flow design to ensure a quieter operation and high-energy efficiency. The unit is EL listed for high safety and durability, ultra-quiet for noise-less operation, and portable to ensure easy transportation.

  • Powerful Drive Motor: It has a high-grade motor that is energy-efficient and provides boosted airflow in your indoor grow space.
  • Easy Set-Up: This inline fan comes with brackets and 8 feet cord attached for trouble-free set-up.
  • UL Listed: The entire unit is UL recognized to ensure high performance, safety, and reliability.
  • Compact Design: The lightweight design makes it appropriate for the grow spaces with restricted spaces.

F5 In-Line Fan is a high-performance and high airflow unit designed to maintain optimal ventilation in your grow space. In addition, this aerodynamically designed fan produces less vibration and noise while it's running.


  • Maintains high CFM ratings

  • A powerful internal drive motor

  • Super aerodynamic design

  • UL recognized components

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Energy Efficient


  • SKU/Model Number: DL-959006

  • Dimensions: 11 (L) * 9 (W) * 9 (H)

  • Brand: DL Wholesale Inc

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