Complete Clone and Rooting Package

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The Complete Clone and Rooting Package comes with everything you need for easy cloning! The package provides medical-grade disposable scalpels for sanitizing cuttings from your mother plant. Dip the cuttings tips into the EZ-Clone Rooting Compound to stimulate new root growth and plug them into the Speedy Root plugs. Spritz some water, place the dome over the cuttings and place it over the Root Radiance heating mat. Make sure to leave it under the 22W Watt 225 Blue Grow Light Panel for chlorophyll production.


  • Premium 8" Domes
  • 10" x 20" EXTREME Propagation Tray
  • Speedy Root 50 Cell Starter Tray
  • 20.75" x 10" Root Radiance Heat Mat
  • EZ-Clone Rooting Compound 2oz.
  • Gro1 Disposable Scalpels (10pc)
  • 22W 225 Blue Grow Light Panel

This is an excellent choice for getting your precious clones off to the best start they can get!

Better than other similar kits on the market:

  • Heavy duty humidity dome
  • Reliable and reusable heat mat
  • Better root starter system with the Accel-A-Roots Cell Starter formula. Great for seeds and clones!
  • Heavy duty propagation tray
  • Medical grade scalpels for clean cuttings
  • Clone Gel with proven formula and 99% success rate
  • Tri-Band LED diodes to promote growth and stimulate chlorophyll production

Just add your clones to the starter plugs, place on heat mat, water and place humidity dome over tray. Give them some light and your clones will be rooting in no time!

Customer Reviews

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robert roundy

Well i knew i needed a clone/seed starter kit this hit it just right.. Really nice blue LED light easily mounted full coverage of dome top. Bottom heat mat is keeping it a nice constant 84 degrees with about 80% humidity..


So I have been searching for a package dedicated to cloning my plants, and I finally found one. This deal is great, literally all the essentials of cloning sent to you in one kit. I like products designed to actually make life easier and this did it for me, its the perfect size tray, heating mat is the perfect size and I really like that I also get the LED! Prior to getting this kit I had already been using this cloning gel for around 2 months, and I have been very happy w/ my personal results, around 90% of all my clones have rooted!!! Ive been using this for about 3 weeks now and I am seeing great results, now its time for a new accel-a-root tray!

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