Complete Medium Grow Room Package

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Our Medium Grow Room Package is made by home growers, for home growers. We’ve taken the guesswork of setting up a grow room in your house or apartment, so when you're ready to get more colas and buds on your plants than your closet or tent will allow, this grow package and your favorite plants are what you need.

Minimum Room Height: 6.5ft.

Lighting System

Growing with the right grow light is vital: too strong and you can burn your plants, too weak and they’ll stress out. That's why we included 2x 600w HPS+MH Air Cool Hood grow light kits, because 400w's wouldn't be enough light and a couple of 1000w's would be too much for your plants to handle. Their High Pressure Sodium Bulbs have a life span of 24,000 Hours, and the Metal Halide Bulbs carry a life span of 10,000 hours, which means you're growing season after season with ease.

Each grow light kit comes complete with a Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast, capable of dimming your ballast and bulbs’ output from 50% to 100% of its power. Whether things get too hot or you simply want to ease the intensity of light on your plants, just turn the dial down and you're ready to grow.

Climate Control

Maintaining a good climate in your grow room is essential to the healthy life of a garden, so we made sure to give you everything you could need to move dirty, odor-filled air out of your grow and circulate fresh air throughout your grow.

With the Yield Lab 6” High Output 440 CFM Duct Fan and Filter Combo you’ll get 2700 RPM of fast moving air traveling through your 25 feet of insulated foil ducting out of an exhaust vent or in to your filters. We’ve also included an Active Air Wall Fan to move the fresh air you bring in to your grow around your plants, giving them fresh air when lights are one and off. We also included the Yield Lab Digital Termo Hygrometer to help monitor figure out the temperature and humidity levels you want your grow at.

Vital Accessories

Don't worry- just like that old grow grow tent, we’ve outfitted you with 33 feet of highly reflective mylar to line your walls with for maximum light coverage.

With all that equipment, you're going to need a big power outlet to help run them all. That's why we included a24 Hr 120V 8-Way Power Strip Timer to keep everything running properly in your grow room. Even better: you can set the timer to turn anything plugged in on and shut them off when you want. Just set the timer, plug in, and you're great to grow!

Benefits of an Indoor Garden:

  • Dramatically reduce uncontrollable factors such as rain, cold weather, cloudy days, pests, poor soil, etc.
  • Spoil your garden with everything it needs, increasing their yield potential and achieving excellent results with half the time and effort.
  • A near automated system allows for a plug and play aspect to gardening.

Complete Groom Room Package Includes:

Lighting System

2x 600w HPS+MH Air Cool Hood
2x Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast
2x Yield Lab HPS Bulb
2x Yield Lab MH Bulb
2x Rope Ratchet Assembly Pair
2x 24Hr 120V Mechanical Timer

Climate Control

1x 6" Charcoal Filter
2x 6" High Output 440 CFM Air Duct Fan
2x 6"x8' Insulated Foil Ducting Ventilation
1x Yield Lab Digital Thermo Hydrometer
1x Active Air Wall Fan

Vital Accessories

1x 4' x 50' 2mil on White MYLAR
1x 24 Hr 120V 8-Way Power Strip Timer

Customer Reviews

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david savard

Outstanding paired equipment

david savard

Great lights got the two 1000 watt tons of light, hydroponic system is a little bit smaller than I thought


Seriously Ya'll! this here kit is everything you need! MY Boots couldn't dancing w/ excitement when I was setting it all up, you guys truly out did your competition on this here kit!! YEEEHAW!!!

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