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Want to take your plants out of a grow tent and into your own room? With our Complete Small Grow Room Package we'll turn your bedroom in to a grow room! Recommended for rooms 3x3ft to 4x4ft., this grow room package will let your plants stretch out in your room instead of being cramped in a tent.

3x3ft to 4x4ft
Minimum Room Height: 6.5ft.

Lighting System

Lighting a smaller space can be a little tricky: an umbrella light will spread light out too far, but a wing may not give you enough power down on to your plants. That’s why we equipped this grow room package with a 400w Yield Lab HPS+MH Air Cooled Hood grow light to give you the maximum amount of light right down on to your plants. With no excessive light spread the Yield Lab Metal Halide bulb will veg your grow to its full potential, and when you switch to High Pressure Sodium get ready for your plants to flower.

A big advantage of this grow light- especially for small-scale growers- is the ability to dial down the energy output of your grow light. How? The Yield Lab Digital Dimming ballast included with this grow room has a dimming knob to take your light’s power from 100% to 75% to 50% of its original power.

Climate Control

All growers know that no matter how big or small your grow room is, climate control is vital. Stale or dirty air can contain dust, pests, and even disease that will stunt your grow and inevitably lower the quality and yield of your harvest.

To make sure your grow always has fresh, moving air we’ve set up this grow package with a pair of Yield Lab 6” 440 CFM Duct Fans for introducing fresh air in to your garden and pushing stale, odor-filled air out in to the Yield Lab 6” Charcoal Filter- all with the help of the Aluminum Ducting to connect them all together.

Vital Accessories

We also know how important reflecting your grow light around your grow room is, so we included a roll of 50"x25' Sunbounce Reflective 2 mil Mylar Film to make sure all of your plants receive light not just from above, but from all around them.

Don't worry, we didn't forget you need to plug all this equipment in. With the included 24 Hr 120v 8-Way Power Strip you’ll be able both keep all of your equipment running, but also time when your lights go on, too, giving you a day time and night time environment like in nature.

Complete Groom Room Package Includes:

Lighting System

1x 400w Yield Lab HPS+MH Air Cooled Hood
1x Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast
1x Yield Lab HPS Bulb
1x Yield Lab MH Bulb
1x Rope Ratchet Assembly Pair
1x 24Hr 120V Mechanical Timer

Climate Control

1x 6" Charcoal Filter
1x 6" High Output 440 CFM Air Duct Fan
1x 6"x16.5' Insulated Foil Ducting Ventilation


1x 4' x 50' 2mil on White MYLAR
1x 24 Hr 120V 8-Way Power Strip Timer


Customer Reviews

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I am a man who likes to do things himself, and grow tents are not my thing. When I saw a complete grow package but to turn a room into grow room, and this package here came with the items that were necessary to get set up. I like that I was not restricted to instructions and had the freedom to set it up to my liking. I couldn't believe the price but I have to say my favorite piece to this kit would be the Versa Grow system, that system is just showing my plants some TLC. Hope this helps anyone who is questioning if this is for them or not, don't be fooled you have to put some elbow grease into it, but the outcome and quality of the products is very worth it.

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