Crankit 16" Dry & Wet Precision Bowl Trimmer

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The Crankit 16" Dry & Wet Precision Bowl Trimmer is a 16-inch commercial quality precision trimmer machine with a stainless steel cylinder body, a CNC center grate 5/16" slot, and a premium solid metal gearbox. suitable for both dry and wet substances. It is made with a cutting blade that is easy to adjust, a strong metal crank shaft, non-stick silicone fingers, and a silicone pot to catch the food.  It has a stainless steel blade, a detachable and folding handle for storage, and is designed to be simple to build and disassemble for cleaning. Cut branches and remove leaves from plants for the production of essential oils, aromatherapy, and potpourri. Use the strength of twenty scissors in this single dry trimmer device.

  • Electric Bud Trimmer with Debudding Function: Crankit's 16" Dry & Wet Precision Bowl Trimmer Saves Time Compared to a manual trimmer, the blade can move in both directions (forward and reverse). A rotor speed dial (0-70 RPM) is featured to allow the spinning speed to be adjusted as desired. It also has a cutting blade that can be adjusted for more precise trimming. This trimmer has been carefully engineered to save up to 80% of the time. It can handle stems up to 2 feet long. Different stem channels are available to accommodate stems of all sizes and shapes. It is not harmful to flowers.

  • Wet And Dry Trimming: Crankit's 16" Dry & Wet Precision Bowl Trimmer is suitable for both wet and dry trimming. It is great for removing extra leaves and twigs from a wide range of plants and flowers. It can also be used to create essential oils from herbs and to blend flowers for aromatherapy and potpourri. With a free trimmer blade or spin replacement service—there is no additional charge for the blade. As part of our one-year warranty, we supply free replacement stainless steel blades. Its detachable and folding handle saves space for easy storage.

  • Silicone Catch Tray: This piece of equipment comes with a removable silicone catch tray to store cutting leaves from a multitude of plants, making it easier to deal with those leaves.

  • Non Stick Silicone Fingers: The non-stick silicone fingers of the Crankit 16" Dry & Wet Precision Bowl Trimmer don't smell like those rubber fingers and assist the sharp blade in making clean, quality cuts while also minimizing damage done to the plants.

  • Free Assemble And Disassemble: This stainless steel buckle connects the plexiglass cover to the trimmer machine cylinder. It is simple to put together and take apart for cleaning. This new, large 16-inch trimmer is made with a durable metal gearbox and a CNC center grate with a 5/16-inch slit to cut all kinds of flowers.

You will appreciate the durability of the Crankit 16" Dry & Wet Precision Bowl Trimmer. It is not a piece of plastic trash that requires special handling. The body, grate, and gears are all composed of metal. It is simple to use and effective. You must cut a few buds off the main stem and place them in the basin. Make sure not to overfill it; leave space for the buds to tumble. Then, spin the crank 25–30 times in one direction, followed by another 25–30 turns in the opposite direction. On average, this trimmer would save at least 75% of the time that trimming by hand would require. Cleaning the silicone fingers was relatively straightforward. I scraped off whatever had adhered to the surface.


  • Brand DL Wholesale

  • SKU 777185

  • Weight (lb.) 27.56

  • Height (in.) 12.99

  • Width (in.) 16.34

  • Length (in.) 16.34

  • UL Listed No

  • Trimmer Type Bowl

  • Operation Manual

  • Feed Type Batch Feed

  • Plant Material Dry, Wet

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