De.Lite Double Ended Grow Light Reflector

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The reflector comes with a ballast that is super easy to use and has an uncomplicated design. The design is uncomplicated, simple to use, and gives out intense light, which helps in deeper penetration of plants below the canopy. The double-ended reflector comes equipped with HPS and MH lamps. With the ballast, the harmonic distortion is the lowest; there won't be any acoustic resonance.

  • Versatile Performance: The De. Lite double-ended reflector performs efficiently with the HPS and MH lamps.

  • Compatible with the B.Lite Controller: You can take complete control over the reflector with ballast by pairing it to the B.Lite controller and create unique light recipes.

  • Silent Performance: The double-ended grow light reflector can run bulbs at different wattages: 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W, and 1150W while delivering silent performance compared to the other available fixtures.

  • German Aluminum Hammertone Reflective: The double tone technology is hammertone reflective and disperses light equally to a wider growing area.

The B.Lite is a double-ended reflector designed to promote maximum yield by providing intense light to a specific grow area. You get a ballast with the reflector, which takes control over the energy output and saves the lighting solution from short circuits, blasts, and power outages.

The reflector gives out focused and intense light, which goes deep down into the canopy to boost healthy plant growth. The double HID bulbs are perfect for double-ended HPS and MH bulbs. The growing solution works great, although quietly in comparison to the competing systems. You can run bulbs at 600W, 750W, 1000W, 825W, and 1150W.

The reflector elements are completely sealed, saving it against any external factors that may disrupt its functioning. The fixture does not create acoustic resonance and also lowers the harmonic distortion. The fixture can be paired with the B.Lite controller, which will help you control the fixture's light and heat output.

The bulbs are not included in the reflector and ballast. The system works silently and efficiently without creating disturbing noises for the surroundings. The ballast comes equipped with a 15’ cord and a standard plug to work with all the basic ballast brands.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-129892

  • Comes with pre-mounted double-ended sockets

  • Works with 1000W Interlux Double-ended lamps and most other brands.

  • Sturdy steel housing

  • German aluminum hammertone reflective.

  • Pre-wired 15’ cord with Standard ballast plug to work with most popular brand ballasts

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