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Get cash counted at a lightning-fast speed with the DL gold bill counter. The counterfeit notes will be easily spotted out with the infrared, ultraviolet and magnetic band detection sensors can easily spot the fake, double notes and counterfeit notes. The sending and receiving capacity of the bill counter is 300pcs/200 pcs. It has a multi-bill counting capacity, so you can get different denominations counted simultaneously.

  • Super-fast Functioning: The gold bill counter can count at the speed of 1000pieces in a single minute.

  • Automatic Counterfeit Detection: The gold bill counter can automatically detect fake notes, so you can completely rely on the gold bill counter for making everyday monetary functions.

  • Multiple Functions: The gold bill counter can be used for performing multiple functions which includes- automatic start/stop, chain-note detection, self-examination function, batching, and adding.

  • Certified Reliable: The ROHS and CE certification ensures that the gold bill counter is completely safe to use, so you can trust your money with it.

The money bill counter is the new-age technology with a classic look as it comes coated in gold paint. The counter is a limited edition. Not just great in looks but it does its job at a lightning-fast speed which is 1000 pieces per minute. Isn’t that good? You can get the entire stack sorted in no time. The counter comes with a good sending and receiving capacity which is 300pcs/200pcs respectively.

It can count many currencies simultaneously, so you have your work sorted in no time. Stay completely confident with the counting as the billing machine comes equipped with magnetic band detection sensors, infrared and ultraviolet sensors which allow it to spot counterfeit bills easily.

The bright, appropriately sized LCD gives the details of the counted bills. The bill counting machine is multi-purpose and it includes various functions like automatic start/stop. Self examination, counterfeit detection, automatic start/stop function etc.

The money bill counter is reliable as it has been certified by ROHS and CE making it a reliable investment. The billing machine meets all the standards set by governing authorities, so you can stay rest assured of your investment.

Money counting machine is a precious commodity that promises to last for a lifetime. So, why not keep it as good as new. For its cleanliness and maintenance, you get a cleaning brush and a screwdriver along.

The gold-painted machine is a limited edition, so get one before you miss owning the best combination of technology and efficiency!


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-141500

  • Model / Finish: 141500 / Gold (Limited)

  • Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min

  • Sending / Receiving Capacity: 300pcs / 200pcs

  • Banknote Size Length/Width: Length 100mm-190mm / Width 50mm - 90mm

  • Banknote Size Thickness: 0.075mm - 0.15mm

  • Certification: CE / ROHS

  • Detection: UV / IR / MG / MT

  • Display Type / Counting Range: LCD / 1-9999 - External LED / 1-9999

  • Operating Power / Consumption: AC 110V± 10% 60Hz / <70w

  • Weight: 11lbs / 5kgs

  • Product Dimensions (in/mm): 12.6 x 11.3 8.1 / 320 x 288 x 205

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