Dorm Grow 90W Red G8LED Flower Booster



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The Dorm Grow light has been designed for providing plantations with a boost during the flowering season. When the light is used in conjunction with the MH, HID, HPS, and LED setup, it results in healthier growth and a great yield. The grow light fixture has a compact size; it can be used in any space.

  • Smart Heat Management System: The system has been equipped with 3 internal cooling fans that help dissipate the system heat immediately, thus maintaining a balanced system temperature.

  • Supplemental Light: When used as a supplement light next to the G8 LED veg/flower light, the flowering will increase immediately.

  • Highly Efficient: The LED grow light's PAR value has been reported at 770μMol/m2/s, which is great for the overall plant growth.

  • 2-Year Warranty: The grow fixture comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can enjoy a worry free purchase.

The G8LED can be used as a supplemental light, which helps enhance a plant's growth during the flowering stage. You can add the grow light to any grow or flowering room. The LED’s PAR value has been reported at 770μMol/m2/s. With the flower boosting light, you can increase the density, size, and overall yield. Simply increase the far-red, red, and hyper-red wavelength of the light, and you will achieve a higher light density even during the most critical flowering phase.

The flower boosting grow light can be used besides HPS, MH, plasma, LED, or fluorescent lighting during the flowering stage. The grow light will provide coverage 3 foot or 91c, diameter area. To maintain the system heat, the grow system has been equipped with 3 internal cooling fans to dissipate heat out of the system.

The grow light fixture dimensions are 10.5” X 2.25,’’ and it weighs approximately 3.5lbs. It has been equipped with 90 x 1-watt BridgeLux LEDs that ensure a 50,000-hour lifespan. Do not have to worry about getting the LEDs replaced anytime sooner. The 50,000-hour rating lifespan ensures that the LED will continue to function equally well.

You get a 2-year warranty with the grow light fixture; you can stay assured about your purchase.



  • Power output: 82 watts

  • LEDs: 90 x 1 watt BridgeLux LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan

  • Spectrum: Red (630-660); for flowering

  • Lens angle: Not available

  • PAR: Not available

  • Coverage area: 10 sq ft (38'' x 38'') when used with any G8LED panel

  • Thermal management: 3 internal cooling fans

  • Daisy chain: No

  • Dimensions: 10.5" (diameter) x 2.25" (tall)

  • Operating temperature: Avoid extreme temperatures

  • Operating/input voltage: 110V @ 0.6Amp | 240V @ 0.3Amp

  • Product weight: 3.5 lbs

  • Recommended height above plants: At least 12''

  • Additional details: None

  • Product includes: Power supply (US, UK, EU, or AU); Hangers

  • Recommended for: Supplementing LED, HPS, HID, or a MH setups during flowering; Indoors only

  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years

Customer Reviews

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Juan Caballero
Game changer

From what I can tell after three weeks, this light is a game changer. My girls are getting very frosty very fast.

Scott Carmichael

Has great coverage.

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