DropAirX Industrial Dehumidifier 130

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The unit has a design that saves space and heavy-duty casters that make it completely portable and easy to move and store. The Drop Air X 130 was made to be easy to use and maintain. It has an onboard filter, an internal drain hose, and a removable, washable 10.5-pint tank. Drop Air X is the best choice if you need to get rid of a lot of moisture because it is portable and has an easy-to-read digital display.

  • Intelligent Control Dehumidifier (IC): The high-efficiency dehumidifier has a high airflow rate of 13000 ft3/h to quickly get rid of moisture in large spaces up to 8,000 sq ft, such as basements, warehouses, garages, power rooms, water damage restoration, storage rooms, file rooms, etc.  Set a timer for 24 hours. This lets you choose when the machine will turn on or off. Automatic Shut Off/On: This feature turns the machine off when the bucket is full and back on when the bucket is empty.

  • 130 PPD Industrial Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier for the basement that can remove up to 29 gallons (130 pints) of water per day. DropAirX Industrial Dehumidifier 130 works well to get rid of moisture quickly, fix water damage quickly, and dry things out quickly. Auto ON/OFF to keep the room's humidity at the setpoint, auto-restart after a power outage, and auto-defrost for the best dehumidifying effect.

  • Dehumidifiers With Drain Hose: By connecting a long hose to a dehumidifier, you can automatically drain the water anywhere you want. This makes sure that you are always in charge of operations and don't have any downtime. (Note: Please check the instructions for using water pipes.)

  • Mobility And Transportability: This is an industrial and commercial dehumidifier with large semi-pneumatic wheels and a sturdy bar handle. It can work safely and stably, and the large moving wheel of the dehumidifier has strong stability. There are clear concave and convex marks on the moving wheel, which makes it hard to slip. The handles are also ergonomically recessed, so they are easy to move around your area.

The outer shell of the DropAirX Industrial Dehumidifier 130 for basements is made of sheet metal that is resistant to collisions and corrosion. This makes it durable and easy to maintain. It will last long enough for it to be worth buying.

Other Features of the DropAirX Industrial Dehumidifier 130

  •  High dehumidification capacity. Up to 130 pints/day.

  •  Large square foot coverage and application.

  •  High-quality, industrial-grade design and build.

  •  Quick and easy maintenance with a simple filter, drain hose, and tank access that are removable and washable.

  •  Easy to use digital display panel with RH readings.

  •  Space-saving footprint and easy to store when not in use.

  •  High portability with a pre-installed, heavy-duty caster.

  •  Quiet Operation.

  •  20ft Power Cable.


  • Dehumidifying Capacity - 130 Pint/Day (86°F, 80%RH) // 75 Pint/Day (80°F, 60%RH)

  • Rate Power - 745W

  • Air Flow - 13000ft3/h

  • Working Condition - 41-100°F

  • Compressor - Panasonic

  • Humidity RH% (Range) - 10%-90%

  • Refrigerant - R410A

  • Noise(dB) - =50dB

  • Application - 860sqft - 1300sqft

  • Unit Size - 14.5inx 15.5in x 26in

  • Packaging Dimensions - 17.7in x 18.7in x 30.5in

  • Packaging Weight - 110lbs

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