Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 Plant Food 1 Qt.

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Promote vibrant growth of plants using Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 Plant Food. Dyna-Gro has spent around 30 years creating the complete one part and most concentrated formulas on the market. It is perfect for every flowering plant.

Grow and Bloom is made using high-quality technical-grade minerals. It is low in soluble salts complete using ten mineral elements. This one-part formula is manufactured using ideal nutrient ratios for excellent vegetative blooms and growth. As a result, it provides an outstanding outcome without spending additional effort and time.

Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 Plant Food is extremely concentrated. It means you can use minimal Dyna-Gro in every gallon of water. This helps you save trips and money to the grow store. We recommend you apply this complete nutrition formula before flower buds start flowering.


  • Low in soluble salts

  • Complete with all sixteen important elements

  • Enhance lush growth of all plants

  • Easy to use super concentrate

  • It is perfect for container grown plants, rocky soils, and hydroponics


  • SKU/ Model Number: DL-DGBLM-032

  • Brand: Dyna-Gro

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Craig Reed
Dyna Gro

Dyna Gro is a great plant food. I use it on all my house plants and it is great for starting vegetable plants for outside.

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