Dyna-Gro Neem Oil Leaf Polish 5 Gal.

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This Dyna-Gro Neem Oil Leaf Polish is a great way to help rid your plants of pests while adding a bit of nutrition to your leaves, leading to the improved health of any tree or plant. While it needs to be diluted with specific amount of water and sprayed over the leaves. it also provides full nutrition to the plant cells, as it is composed of all the necessary nutrients that should not be omitted from a plant’s daily diet. It also washes all the dust from the leaves of the plants.

This complete nutrient solution is purely natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals like many other popular neam oil sprays. Moreover, it is a complete food for plants, as it contains every necessary mineral and macro and micro nutrients for improving the health of the plant cells.

This Dyna-Gro Nutrition solution is made of pure Neem oil, 16 essential plants nutrients, extract of vanilla essence or peppermint oil for providing sweet scent to the product. This oil is biodegradable within weeks when it is exposed to sunlight or in soil.

Features and Benefits

  • Made of pure neem oil
  • Contains no chemicals
  • Contains 16 essential nutrients for fast and healthy plant growth
  • Contains natural vanilla extracts or peppermint oil to mask the scent of neem oil
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Makes the leaves of the plants shiny and healthy
  • Natural neem oil leaf polish mixed with water for spraying over the leaves of plants


  • Pure neem oil
  • 16 natural nutrients for plants
  • Vanilla extract or peppermint oil for better scent
  • Made with essential plant nutrients
  • Masked with vanilla or peppermint oil

Generally, as per the given instructions, 1 or 1-1/2 teaspoonful of this product should be mixed in 1 quart of water; or 1 oz of Neem oil is to be added in 1 gallon clear water, to create the spray mixture for the plants.

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