Enlite Horti 840W Top Light-840 LED Grow Light

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Are you planning to have an indoor farm? Then, check out the Enlite Horti 840W LED grow light consisting of a daisy chain and dimming controller to adjust the lighting of the equipment. Certified with IP66 and ETL, you can use this grow light in moist environments without getting the equipment damaged. 

  • Daisy Chain controlling at least 100 sets: The daisy chain feature on this grow light allows the growers to control the lighting of 100 sets all at once. 
  • Amazing Heat Dissipation: With the help of its unique and low weight design, heat dissipation becomes easy on this grow light. 
  • IP66 certified: The IP66 certification is provided to both waterproof and dustproof products. In addition, the Enlite Horti 840W is also certified with IP66 certification making it an ideal product for moist environments. 
  • 4-6ft mounting height: The mounting height of the Enlite Horti 840W grow light is around 4-6ft which is sufficient for vegetative and flowering plants. 

Do you have an indoor farm or hydroponic system? Then a grow light must be on your mind for your plants. Check out this grow light from Enlite Horti which uses 840W of electricity, so you can use it 24 x 7 and give your plant ample amount of energy. The light emitted through the grow light is neither too much nor too less for your plants.

This grow light has a daisy chain controller with which you can handle the lighting of at least 100 sets of LED’s. In addition, the dimming knob on this grow light has 5 different settings(40%, 55%, 70%,85% and 100%), which is used to adjust the grow light's lighting. This knob comes in handy when your plant goes from one stage of its life cycle to the other stage. 

The metal sink on the Enlite Horti grow light helps in dispersing heat from the grow light to the plants uniformly. If formed, it eliminates any hotspots, so the light is not solely concentrated in the middle. Rather, it covers the whole plant from all the edges. The mounting height of this grow light is around 4-6 ft. making sure that there is enough distance between the light and plants with taller height. 

With certifications like ETL and IP66, you can use this equipment in moist environments without damaging the grow light. Furthermore, the IP66 also ensures that your grow light is dustproof too. Hence, chances of the Enlite Horti growing light getting damaged decreases even more. Furthermore, as it has a 5-year manufacturer warranty, you can get it replaced with you detect any default within the time frame. 


  • Model No./SKU: LED-EH-TL840

  • Light Source: LED

  • PPF: 2226 μmol

  • Input Power: 840W

  • Efficacy: 2.5 μmol/J

  • Input Voltage: 90V-305V, 347V- 480V

  • Lifetime: >50,000 hours

  • Dimming: 0-10V

  • BTUs: 2865

  • Mounting Height: 4-6ft

  • Fixture Dimensions: 33” L x 14” W x 7” H

  • Fixture Weight: 34 lbs

  • Certification: ETL certified & IP66, CE

  • Warranty: 5 years

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