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The ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft captures ALL of the deliciousness in your botanicals. ExtractCraft appliances are designed specifically to extract full-spectrum oils and catch ALL of the beauty in your botanicals at low temperatures. The device runs at temperatures much below those that burn or destroy many plants' inherent goodness. ExtractCraft retains the plant's natural properties.

  • A Closed-System Botanical Ethanol Extraction Appliance: The ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft appliance is designed to extract full-spectrum oils and capture the beauty of botanicals at low temperatures.The device runs at temperatures much below those that burn or destroy many plants' inherent goodness. ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft retains the plant's natural properties.

  • Better Design for Better Extracts: It's a well-known truth that happy employees lead to higher profits; when constructing our ethanol extraction equipment, we take into account the operator's skill level, workflow preferences, and physical requirements. The ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft extraction system is the best choice since it offers removable material baskets, vessels that can be set on a rack, and an ergonomic design.

  • Create The Best Possible Ingredients For Your Product: The ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft is your solution for clean, artisanal oils in large batches for your experiments and creations. Our simple extraction equipment extracts all of the beneficial components of your ingredients, yielding a full-spectrum, strong result. Power your business with distinctive flavors while saving money by doing it yourself! If you need a small batch solution, consider our SOURCE Turbo, which has the same power but a smaller footprint.

  • Ethanol Extraction For Your Small Business: Start by purchasing the world's first low-temperature, closed-loop ethanol recovery appliances, which are designed for safe and uncomplicated extraction, and start producing high-quality extracts. Restaurants, breweries, and shops that sell essential oils and aromas find that our goods are a great fit for what they make.

Much of the plant's natural characteristics are destroyed at higher temperatures, such as those employed in standard home infusion systems. The SOURCE Turbo and EtOH Pro are the only machines that can use a low-temperature vacuum method to make high-quality concentrates, extracts, and essential oils for your home or small business.

The ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft just cannot be beaten in terms of capacity, functional diversity, and dependability. The EtOH Pro has a 98% ethanol recovery rate as well as post-processing purge capabilities, guaranteeing that you can consistently create stronger, denser extractions. Whatever your requirements, the EtOH Pro is a strong ethanol extraction machine capable of producing an amazing and diverse range of botanical oils and extractions.

The ETOH Pro (Rev2) by ExtractCraft variant has a one-gallon capacity, allowing you to make large extractions. It also boasts a 3-hour processing time, 98% alcohol reclamation, and other qualities that make it a trustworthy and good investment. People who are worried about the cost shouldn't be. In the long run, you can save a lot of money by extracting at home instead of buying already extracted products.

Other Features of ExtractCraft's ETOH Pro (Rev2)

  1. closed-system botanical ethanol extraction appliance.

  2. a capacity of 4L (equivalent to 1-2 pounds of dry material depending on density).

  3. 3 hours of processing time.

  4. Altitude specific tuning for peak performance.

  5. Temperature controls on the dial range from 96°F to 110°F.

  6. reclaims 98% of alcohol for re-use.

  7. ceramic coated kettle for easy harvesting of the oil.

  8. glass lid for observation of the process and progress.

  9. additional secondary purging capabilities for post-processing needs. 

Specifications ExtractCraft EtOH Pro (Rev 2):

  • Voltage: 100-130 Volt

  • Watts: 120 Watt

  • Amps: 5.5A

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Processing Temperature Range: 96-110°F

  • Purging Temperature Range: 80-120°F

  • Maximum Ambient Temperature for Processing: 80°F

  • Programmed Altitude Range: Sea level to 8000 feet

  • Dimensions: 23L x 24W x 14H

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