EXO Tower 12 Plant Hydroponic Kit

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The EXO Tower 12 Plant Hydroponic Kit represents a groundbreaking leap into sustainable and efficient indoor gardening. This sleek and compact system is designed for both novices and seasoned gardeners, offering a seamless integration of technology and nature. With its advanced hydroponic technology, the EXO Tower nurtures up to 12 plants simultaneously, providing an optimal environment for their growth. The modular design ensures flexibility, fitting seamlessly into any living space while creating a visually stunning showcase of greenery. Embrace the future of home gardening with the EXO Tower 12 Plant Hydroponic Kit and unlock the potential for year-round, hassle-free cultivation.

  • Smart Hydroponics: Leverages advanced hydroponic techniques for efficient nutrient delivery to plants.

  • Modular Design: Adaptable structure suits various living spaces, making it perfect for urban environments.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls allow even beginners to manage and monitor plant growth effortlessly.

  • Space-Efficient: Compact footprint ensures the EXO Tower can be seamlessly integrated into any room without sacrificing space.

The EXO Tower 12 Plant Hydroponic Kit is not merely a gardening tool; it's a transformative experience. Embrace the joy of cultivating your own fresh produce with minimal effort. The smart hydroponic system empowers you to take control of your plant's environment, ensuring optimal growth and bountiful harvests. Whether you're an urban dweller with limited space or a gardening enthusiast looking to elevate your indoor gardening game, the EXO Tower invites you to embark on a journey of sustainable and rewarding cultivation. Happy gardening on this, your personal green anniversary!

Everything you need to start growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits from home! Each kit includes:

• 6.5-gallon pail

• grow blocks

• 1 irrigation block with lid

• 6 feet of irrigation tubing

• water pump

• net cups

• garden rocks

• 6 weeks’ worth of formulated plant food

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 32 inches (fully assembled with reservoir)

All kits are assembled in the USA!

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