EXO Tower 1 Tier 4 Plant Tabletop Garden Tower

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The Exotower 1 mini series is a modular, hydroponic system that can grow up to 4 plants per module and the system as a whole can grow up to 4 plants, vegetables, herbs, micro greens, and flowers in less than the space of a coffee maker. No matter if you are a newbie to growing your own plants at home, or a seasoned expert, Exotower provides the perfect solution! Our modular, vertical design requires minimal space in your home and can be expanded as your needs grow.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Each hydroponic exotower set comes with 1 nutrient pail (which can hold 1 gallon of water) and lid which is adjoined to the 2 feet of irrigation tubing. In our Exotower 1 mini series there are 4 compartments which allows you to grow up to 4 plants, vegetables, herbs or flowers.

GROW YOUR GARDEN ANYWHERE: Whether you live in a house, apartment, or high-rise, the exotower provides a soil-free solution to home gardening both indoors. This self watering, home hydroponic system makes it easy for anyone to harvest fresh farm quality produce from the comfort of their home.

KEY BENEFITS: Hydroponic growing entails growing crops in water rather than soil. This dirt-free gardening method is ideal especially if you are wanting to grow indoors. The system takes very little space, which is one of the reasons people like it, the towers come with several residential units that house the crops. Besides the high yields, hydroponic tower growing transforms your place to look beautiful and to smell nice because of the rich foliage of the crops.

Dimensions: (Height) x 12 (Width) x 8 (Length) x10″

What’s included?

  • 4 / 8 / 12 sites vertical garden hydroponic system
  • Filter Basket
  • Hydroponic Bucket
  • Net Pots x4 / x8 / x12
  • pH Test Strips &
  • Reservoir & Lid
  • Supply Pipe
  • Water Pump
  • 6 Month supply of formulated plant food and nutrients.

*Please note: Images of plants and vegetables in the images are NOT included in the set*

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