EZ-Clone 16-Site Low Pro Aeroponic System

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Color: Black
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Cloning plants was never easier than this, and the Clone 16 Low Pro System can actually clone 16 plants simultaneously and provide field-like results indoors. It's considered the most compact device with dimensions - height: 12.3, width - 14.75, and length: 14.31 inches. It also has increased structural integrity, providing a leak-proof design and allowing enough ventilation. EZ clone low pro 16 also has 4-way finger slots that provide better cloning collar extraction.

  • UV protected: The manufacturers have used HDPE plastic in the EZ-Clone 16 Low Pro System, which is UV resistant and safe for cloning flowers or vegetation. Even in high temperatures, it does not temper vegetation quality and provide field-like results indoors. 
  • Mounted alphanumeric symbols: Clone 16 has alphanumeric symbols directly formed into the plastic body and allows easy identification of multiple cutting strains. It also has four-way finger slots, which provides an easy cloning collar extraction process. 
  • Aeroponic misting technology: The Low Pro System uses a true aeroponic system. It has a delicate base suspended in air and misted with an oxygen-rich solution. Which helps provide a suitable environment for vegetation and allows seeds to grow easily.  
  • Low maintenance: EZ-Clone 16 requires less maintenance because the cutting doesn't dry out quickly and easily grows without a humidity dome. Moreover, it allows plants to breathe, transpire, and efficiently reduce the risk of airborne fungi such as powdery mildew. 

Introducing the EZ-clone 16 Low Pro System manufactured with high quality and safe HDPE plastic which protects from UV rays and does not temper the vegetation under high temperatures. The device weighs around 7.85 pounds, which is easy to manage on a regular basis and requires less maintenance. In addition, its compact design has dimensions - Height:12.3, Width: 14.75, Length: 14.31, which makes it a suitable device to clone plants in small spaces. 

The EZ-Clone 16 uses Aeroponic Misting Technology, which provides a delicate base - suspended in air and misted with an oxygen-rich solution, which helps seeds germinate quickly and transform into plants in less time. Moreover, as manufacturers prefer germinating seeds separately, it's designed with air-ventilation spaces, which provide enough oxygen to seeds timely. 

The reservoir used in EZ-clone 16 has improved lip height, extended flange, and drainage gutters, which ensures the system is leak-proof. It is also equipped with 4-way finger slots, which provides better cloning collar extraction than others. In addition, this device is equipped with alphanumeric symbols, which are directly inbuilt to the plastic body and allow easy identification of multiple strains of cutting. 


  • Model No./SKU: 674016WT

  • Item Weight: 7.85 pounds

  • Manufacturing material: HDPE plastic

  •  Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

  • Container Height (in.): 12.3

  • Container Width (in.): 14.75

  •  Container length (in,): 14.31

  • Color: Black

  • Color finish: HDPE Plastic

  • Hydroponic System Type: Aeroponic

  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

  • Returnable: Approx. 90 days

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