EZ-Clone 32-Site Low Pro Aeroponic System

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Are you searching for a heavy-duty Aeroponic system to stimulate dense root growth? Your search ends here. The EZ-Clone 32-site low pro is a compact cloning device that efficiently uses an aeroponic system. And manufactured with UV-resistant HDFC plastic, which helps prevent the formation of airborne fungi such as – powdery mildew. In addition, it's designed with adequate height to increase the integrity of the proprietary lid and reservoir. 

  • UV resistant HDPE plastic: EZ-cloner is manufactured with HDPE plastic material which is UV resistant and reflects more light towards the plant. It's designed to allow sufficient ventilation and prevent the formation of airborne fungi such as powdery mildew. Which ultimately helps eliminate stress from the plants.  
  • 32-site reservoir and lid: This product is designed to clone plants up to 32 times and provide efficient performance in temp – 70' to 85'F. While it applies Clear Rez every week at 1oz per five gallons. Which is beneficial for vegetation and provides optimal results.
  • Alphanumeric symbols: The EZ-Clone 32-Site has built-in alphanumeric symbols that are directly formed into the plastic body and four-way finger slots. Which helps identify multiple cutting strains and makes the cloning collar extraction process easy.  
  • Leak proof design: The reservoir used in this cloning system has increased lip height along with extended flange and drainage gutters. Which helps ensure the system is leakproof and has aeroponic misting technology. That is considered perfect for cloning various plants in compact places.  

Introducing the EZ-Clone 32-site low pro aeroponic system manufactured with UV-resistant HDFC plastic that helps reflect more light towards cloning seeds to germinate them quickly. Also misted with an oxygen-rich solution that provides sufficient oxygen in compact devices and helps maintain adequate water temperature from 70’ to 85’F. Moreover, it provides sufficient air ventilation, which helps prevent the formation of fungus or any other bacteria. 

It uses the true aeroponic system. It efficiently uses 1oz per five-gallon and consumes adequate energy to help germinate seeds into plants. Which also requires less maintenance as compared with others. Moreover, the device is manufactured in such a way it efficiently provides adequate ventilation to vegetation and makes it easy to clean it as well. While keeping plants free from disease or airborne fungus such as powdery mildew. 

The high-quality reservoir used in the EZ-Clone 32-site has extended flange and drainage gutters. That ensures - the cloning device is leakproof. And has  4-way finger slots that help provide better cloning extraction. Plus, its inbuilt alphanumeric symbols allow easy identification of cutting multiple strains. Although it's compact, it is capable enough to clone 32 plants at a time while consuming adequate energy. 



    Model No./SKU: 674032BK

  •  Working temperature: 70’ to 85’F

  •  Manufacturing material: UV-resistant HDFC plastic

  • Hydroponic System Type: Aeroponic

  •  Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

  • Container Height (in.): 12.38”

  • Container length (in.): 24.00”

  •  Container width (in.): 14.75”

  • Shipping weight: 12lbs

  • Also includes:

          32-site reservoir and lid

          Alphanumeric symbols

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