EZ-Clone 64-Site Low Pro Aeroponic System

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Searching for self-assessable clone devices with the aeroponic system? We got you covered. If you wish to start your business or cloning plants is your hobby, get yourself a Clone 64-site low pro aeroponic system. It is compact with dimensions - 25 x 8 x 25 inches, and manufactured with UV-resistant HDFC plastic material. Moreover, it has a 4-way finger slot, which helps provide better cloning collar extraction. 

  • Inbuilt alphanumeric symbols: 64-site low pro Aeroponic system lid has an inbuilt alphanumeric symbol system. Which is directly framed in the plastic body and easily helps identify multiple cutting strains. It also comes with a 4-way finger slot that provides an easy cloning collar extraction process.  
  • Leakproof drainage system: In the latest edition of the 64-site cloning device, the reservoir height has been reduced to ensure the overall system is leakproof and has an efficient aeroponic misting technology system.  
  • Aeroponic misting technology:  This cloning device has a high-quality aeroponic system. A delicate base is suspended in air and misted with an oxygen-rich solution to provide sufficient nutrients to the cloning plant. Moreover, it provides a suitable environment for vegetation and allows seeds to germinate & grow easily.  
  • Compact design: It has a compact design with 25 x 8 x 25 inches. It efficiently fits in small spaces and manages to clone 32 plants simultaneously, making it suitable for small businesses and large-sized firms.

Introducing the EZ Clone 64-site low pro aeroponic system – a plant cloning device manufactured with high-quality UV-resistant HDFC plastic material and equipped with extended flange & drainage gutters to ensure the device is leakproof. It has an aeroponic misting system that keeps the compact device full of oxygen and helps germinate seeds into plants easily. 

The device's height has also been reduced by 4 inches, i.e., 11.125 inches. In addition, the structural integrity of the new proprietary Lid and Reservoir has also been improved. Which helps ensure the overall system is leakproof, compact, and provides sufficient air and minerals to the cloning plant. Moreover, the water pump has an extended baseplate and additional suction cups, which help prevent manifold tripping. 

This cloning device has an optimized weight – 7.85 pounds, which is handy, easy to manage, and requires less maintenance. It has compact measurement – height: 11.125 inches, length: 24.42 inches, width: 24.42 inches. It is suitable for cloning plants in small spaces. While it's designed to provide sufficient ventilation to seeds and help create the required environment for vegetation to germinate seeds quickly. 

The Clone 64-site is equipped with 4-way finger slots that help provide better collar extraction than others. It also has inbuilt alphanumeric symbols directly formed in a plastic body. And allow easy identification of cutting multiple strains. Although the body is delicate, it efficiently uses 1oz per five-gallon, consumes an adequate amount of energy, and clones 32 plants at a time. Making it an economical and affordable device for cloning plants. 


  • Model No./SKU: 674064BK

  •  Color availability: 64 black, 64 white, 128 black, 128 white

  • Container Height (in.): 11.125

  • Container length (in.): 24.42”

  •  Container width (in.): 24.42”

  •  Color: Black

  •  Manufacturing material: HDPE Plastic

  • Hydroponic system type: Aeroponic

  •  Indoor/outdoor: Indoor

  • Returnable: 90 day

  • Product dimensions: 25 x 8 x 25 inches

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