EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 (700 GPH) for 64 nd 128 Units

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The EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 (700 GPH) for 64 and 128 Units works well with each size of the cloning system to make sure that the manifolds get the right amount of water flow. These pumps are also very energy efficient. Because their impellers are covered in plastic and don't have motor seals that can leak or wear out, these pumps don't generate too much heat and last longer.

  • Provide You with a Comfortable & Quiet Environment: The EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 (700 GPH) for 64 and 128 Units works so quietly and smoothly that it keeps giving you a quiet and peaceful time. You would love sitting on the couch and watching the fish swim up and down as they please. The pumps will not disturb the fish; they will only help them swim more joyfully and pleasantly.

  • Multi-Function and Widely Applied: The EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 is designed to circulate and aerate the water, making it more attractive to your fish or turtles. This submersible pump is perfect for aquariums, fountains, spouts, hydroponic systems, etc.  The EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 pumps can continuously supply stable flow, making it a good choice for medium fish tanks, small ponds, fountains, water spring artworks, gardens, aquaponics, aquaculture, and many more.  The EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 (700 GPH) for 64 and 128 units has a flexible structure design. You can disassemble and clean it so quickly without any tools.

  • Adjustable Flow: The pump is equipped with a flow valve, so you can set the flow rate freely. maximum flow rate: 400 GPH, maximum lift: 6.6 ft. An adjustable knob to control the water flow rate, so you can get just the amount of water pressure you want. The maximum flow rate is 550 GPH (2000 L/H). 

  • Strong Power & High Lift: The max lift height of the EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 (700 GPH) is 7.2 feet. The number of the SKU is 5625. It saves energy because it has a 30W high-efficiency motor. Lift height is the highest point that the water goes after the water pipe is connected to the nozzle (make sure the joint is sealed securely and tightly).  The EZ-Clone Water Pump 750 (700 GPH) comes with 3 nozzles, and each water pump has 3 nozzles: 0.51", 0.62", and 0.75". If you want, you can change how the water flows. It is more stable because the parts are threaded.

This pump is submersible and must be fully immersed in water before turning on to avoid the aquarium pump burning out. We do not allow no-load running. It would reduce its lifespan and cause it to make loud noises while running in the air for an extended time. Please turn off the electricity when changing the water. If the water pump becomes clogged with debris such as dirt, waste, or sea salt, it must be cleansed with clean water before use. The temperature range for operation is 40–95°F.

Because all pumps must be professionally water tested by our manufacturer before dispatch, please don't be concerned if the water pump you received has a small amount of water. The little bit of water that remains after expert water testing is a common occurrence. It's a new and ordinary pump. The inner shaft will be greased to guarantee good operation of the motor.


  • SKU 5625

  • Dimensional/Billable Weight (lbs) 2.75

  • Actual Product Weight 2.75

  • Length (in.) 8.8

  • Width (in.) 4.7

  • Height (in.) 6.5

  • Manufacturer EZ-Clone

  • Brand EZ-Clone

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