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EZ CO2 is the safe, natural, and affordable way to offer CO2 to your indoor plants. Its biggest benefit is that it needs no maintenance or installation. You can use it throughout all stages of plant growth. This bag is also less costly than CO2 generators and tanks. EZ CO2 also produces no heat, is odor-free, and offers CO2 instantly as soon as you activate it. 

  • Increases CO2 Levels: It helps you boost CO2 levels within your greenhouse for high yields, enhanced stem strength, big flower size, and early flowering.
  • No Maintenance or Set Up: EZ CO2 bag is very easy to use. Simply leave it in your grow space, and you will reap the perks of CO2 PPM without any hassle.
  • Increased Medium: Each EZ CO2 bag consist of an increased medium amount. This means you will receive more carbon dioxide for your plants without spending much money.
  • Self-Sustained: It produces no heat or smell. Once activated, it continues to generate CO2 for your indoor plants for the next six months.

Indoor plants often require CO2 to photosynthesize. EZ CO2 bags provide your plants the CO2 they need to increase photosynthesis and produce bigger yields. 

Remember, plants take CO2 via small pores on the leaves, known as stomata. When the CO2 levels are higher, plants do not need to open them wide. This leads to minimizing water loss. It also reduces the chances of damaging air pollutants.

How Does EZ CO2 Work?

EZ CO2 consists of sufficient organic compounds and fungus to maintain proper CO2 levels for 6 to 8 months. Fungus breathes oxygen in and breathes out carbon dioxide.

How to Use EZ CO2?

We recommend one 1 CO2 bag per 4' x 4' area of grow space. To use EZ CO2, simply put the bag in your grow area slightly above plant height. CO2 is heavier in comparison to oxygen and causes the plants to fall downwards. 

You do not need to make any adjustments. However, avoid eliminating the breather path or puncturing the bag if you’re hanging it over your plants. After 6 to 8 months, the production of carbon dioxide will decrease slowly. This signifies that it's time to replace the bag. 

To dispose of the EZ CO2 bag, simply open it and throw its contents in the soil or compost pile. The plastic bag can be recycled.

Note: Each CO2 bag will turn into white color. It's due to the build-up of mycelial mass. The bag can also inflate depending on the conditions it is in. It's all normal.


  • SKU/ Model Number: DL-202886

  • Dimensions:  10” * 5” * 15.5”


Customer Reviews

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Will. I. AM.
Does what its supposed to! Worth the money.

I purchased 2 of these for my 8' x 4' tent. After i received my CO2 meter i put it in the tent and it was reading between 740 - 850 ppm. This is the ONLY product that i found to work, however i am getting a complete CO2 system but these worked great until i could get the system.

If i ran just these i would use 2 during veg and then 3-4 during flower to get my ppm up


Great service and great product

James Wilburn
Great Product

My plants look healthy and vibrant with my CO2 purchase

kevin warren
A great product

I have to say growace is a great company that suits all my needs.I wish I lived closer I would by there every week

Gregg Carey
Time will tell, but slowly looking better and better

The bags need time to get going (obviously) but so far I definitely can tell a difference…ppm float around but they are climbing steadily every week…if you’re looking for an ez co2 set up and don’t want tanks etc, then these are for you….happy growing family :)

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