F5 1000W Variable Voltage Speed Controller 10AMP 1KV

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The F5 variable speed controller helps save energy massively and can help modify the voltage supply according to different powered appliances. The voltage speed controller works well for different kinds of ventilation fans. The small and compact speed controller can set the voltage of the appliances between 0 to 130V. The surge protection feature makes sure that the electrical appliance is not damaged due to sudden fluctuations.

  • Compact and Lightweight: The compact design promises ease of use, and it can be placed anywhere as the voltage speed controller is portable and easy to carry around.

  • Surge Protection: Take complete control over the electrical appliances with the surge protection feature, which blocks unwanted voltages above a threshold.

  • Multiple Purposes: The controller can be used for mechanical and electrical functions. Also, you can use it for household appliances and multiple power speed control applications.

  • Easy Accessibility: The voltage controller comes with an easy on/off switch, allowing easy functionality and control.

The F5 speed controller saves your electrical appliances from getting damaged due to sudden electrical surges. When there are sudden power fluctuations, the voltage speed controllers make sure to keep it under control. With the voltage controller, you can set the voltage between 0 to 130 volts using easy to use dial rated 1000 watts.

The regulator is perfect for all kinds of home appliances. The controller has a lightweight and compact design, which is extremely easy to use. The reliability, sturdiness, and long-term operational use can vary massively. The controller's function can vary massively depending on the mechanical and electrical functions of the household appliances and the speed, power controlling.

The fixture dimensions are 7.8'' x 6.3'' x 7.8'', and it is compact, which makes it easily portable, allowing it to adjust almost anywhere. The controller is perfect for multiple applications.

The controller is best suited for F5 products and a large number of ventilation fans. You can set the controller's voltage between 0 to 130V, for which you must operate an easy-to-use dial that is rated at 1000 watts.

Not just limited to ventilation fans, the controller can be used for various home appliances also. The maximum wattage the controller can manage is 1000W while consuming 10 amperes of current.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-202400

  • Max WATTS: 1000

  • Max AMPS: 10

  • Input: 120V

  • Output: 0-130V

  • Single Outlet

  • Surge Protection

  • Wide Variable Voltage Range

  • Multiple Applications

  • Heavy-Duty Copper Coil

  • Dimensions: 7.8'' x 6.3'' x 7.8''

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