F5 Industrial 12 inch Fan

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If you're looking for industrial fans that don’t occupy too much space and don’t make create the huge noise of an industrial fan, F5 Industrial Fans are a perfect match for you. These fans are the perfect option for growers who want a lot more air circulation through their grow room but hate that irritating noise that most industrial fans make.

The speed controller built in to this fan helps you lower the CFM Wattage and Amperage with a simple turn of the dial, without the need for an external fan motor speed controller. You are able to get better and improved air circulation without the worry of complications in setting up or being constantly bothered with loud noise - as this fan gives you the benefit of quieter functioning, as well as easier maneuverability and operability.

What gives the F5 Industrial 12 inch Fan an edge over the competition is that they are actually a lot quieter than other fans around- especially in the 12 inch range. After all industrial fans are all about the noise, so with changing times and technologies, F5 Industrial fans have been focused on making the workspace more practical and technologically advanced.

Features and benefits:

  • The F5 Industrial 12 inch Fan is almost noiseless
  • Optimal air production ensures better circulation
  • The F5 Industrial 12 inch Fan has a pre-wired 120V 12 foot power cord
  • It features a built-in 3 position speed controller
  • Exhaust side has 12 inch ducting
  • Intake side accepts 12 or 14 inch ducting


  • Voltage: 120V 60HZ
  • Air volume: 2320 /1755/1432
  • CFM static pressure: 1.80/1.60/1.50”/W
  • Ampere - 4.66/417/4.11A I
  • Input Power: 550/460/415W
  • Revolution: 1,680/1,250/950RPM

What’s iIncluded

Each F5 Industrial Fan includes a sturdy mounting bracket, which is preinstalled

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