FloraFlex 12.5'' Matrix Pad (12 Pack)

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The FloraFlex Matrix pad helps provide water to plants in a uniform way. It is a compact device that works with a matrix and traditional capillary pads. This matrix pad is a non-woven capillary that makes sure that your plant pots get the appropriate amount of water. Matrix pad needs a matrix unit and matrix circulator to work. 

  • Weighs less: FloraFlex matrix pad is a lightweight pad that requires minimum upkeep. 
  • Uses wick system: This matrix pad uses a wick system where nutrients and water is provided to the plants in wicking or sucking manner. 
  • Uses less water: This system uses less water than other water-providing systems. 
  • 12.5” inches in diameter: The diameter of this matrix pad is 12.5” inch which fits easily into any pot. 

The FloraFlex matric pad is a lightweight pad that provides water and nutrients to the plants. It uses a wick system in which nutrients are provided by sucking or wicking the water and then providing it to the pot evenly. 

The amount of water used in the Floraflex matrix pad is very low. By using matrix pads, you save water and provide a sufficient amount of nutrients to the plants. As a result, neither your plant is over-flooded with water, nor does it dry out because of less water availability. 

The FloraFlex matrix pad is around 12.5” inch in diameter. Therefore, it is appropriate for pots that are 7.5”- 18” inches in diameter. Matrix pads work with a matrix circulator and a matrix unit for providing water and nutrients to the plants.  

A ¼” inch outer diameter pipe is required to be inserted with the matrix circulator so that the water/nutrients can enter through it. First, the matrix pad is laid on the pot then a matrix unit is kept on top of it. Next, we press the circulator in between the center holes. Your matrix pad is all set to work. 

There are eight maze sections on the matrix unit through which water is dripped onto the matrix pad drop by drop. You can use a matrix pad for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes. For each plant pot, you will need a separate matrix pad. FloraFlex matrix pads come in a pack of 12. Matrix pads are affordable and a reliable system for hydrating your plants. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF429

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