FloraFlex Pipe System MultiFlow 1'' Elbow

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With the help of FloraFlex Pipe System Multiflow 1” Elbow, you can provide water and nutrition to your plants with a steady flow rate. The multi-flow bubbler on this pipe system consists of 8 outlets. It is energy-efficient equipment that does not waste any water drop. It comes with an elbow pipe fitting that connects it with the main connection.

  • Flow Bubbler with four inserts: The multi-flow bubbler on the FloraFlex Pipe System has four inserts through which you can change the flow rate of the bubbler.
  • 1” Elbow Pipe Fitting: This Pipe System has a 1” inch elbow, which helps connect the pipe system with the main connector.
  • Energy Efficient: The FloraFlex Pipe system is an energy-efficient agricultural tool that provides you with great results.
  • Uses less Water: Using very little water, this equipment hydrates maximum plants. Therefore, it is well-suited for hydroponic systems and drip irrigation.

The FloraFlex Pipe System Muliflow has a 1” inch elbow pipe fitting that sticks with a main connecting water pipe. This pipe fitting allows water and nutrients to flow through it easily. A lubed O ring is present at the bottom of the elbow that closely attaches itself with the flora valve.

The flora valve is a part of the pipe system that controls water flow for the whole pipe system. There is a handle present on this valve which you can handle manually. The maximum pressure that you can put on this valve is around 125 psi. So, it can easily work under a minimum temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 140-degree Fahrenheit.

The flow bubbler on the top of this pipe system delivers water with the help of 8 outlets. You can easily fit a pipe of ½” inch with the outlet. These are barbed ports, so you don’t have to worry about leakage.

There are four inserts that you can use with the flow bubbler that helps in increasing the flow rate of the bubbler. Each gives out a different flow rate to identify they are available in different colors.

The yellow-colored insert produces 2GPH of flow rate, whereas the black insert gives out 6 GPH of flow rate. The red and blue insert produces 10 and 20 GPH of flow rate, respectively.

No tape, glue or thread is required to attach all the parts of the FloraFlex Pipe system. They fit each other perfectly. This pipe system is clog-resistant. The material used in making this pipe system is ABS plastic. Hence, you will not face any corroding issues as well.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF173

  • Dimensions: 12 Inch × 3 Inch × 3.5 Inch

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