FloraFlex Pipe System MultiFlow 1'' T

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The Flora Flex Pipe System Multiflow 1” T comes with a flow bubbler that can deliver water up to 20 GPH (gallons per hour). This pipe system can be connected and disconnected easily without using any glue or thread to connect it. It is quite easy to use. You can control water pressure by using the flora valve available in the middle of the pipe system.

  • Multiflow Bubbler: The multi-flow bubbler has four inserts available with which you can deliver up to 20 GPH of water.
  • Easy to use: This equipment is easy to use. You need to stick all the parts together, and it is ready to work.
  • Pressure Controller valve: A pressure controlling valve is fitted in the middle to control the pressure of the water flowing through this pipe system.
  • Works well in hydroponic systems:  FloraFlex pipe system helps deliver ample water in hydroponic systems, aquariums, etc.

The FloraFlex Pipe System Multiflow 1” T consists of three major parts. The upper part is the flow bubbler. It has 8 barbed ports through which water reaches the system. You can easily fit in ½” inch pipe with the barbed port.

This multi-flow bubbler has four inserts, which helps the bubbler deliver up to 20 GPH of water. They are available in different colours, namely yellow, black, red, blue—each of them delivers a different flow rate.

The yellow-coloured bubbler insert provides a 2GPH of water flow rate. The black insert provides 6 GPH, red gives out 10 GPH, and blue provides 20 GPH of flow rate overall.

The middle part is the pressure-controlling flora valve. This valve helps in controlling the flow of water. A handle is available for you to control the valve manually. The minimum temperature it can work on is 40 F, and the maximum is 140 F.

In the end, a flora pipe fitting in the shape of T connects the pipe system with some main water lines. This T-shaped pipe fitting creates two outlets for free water and nutrients. It is attached to the pipe at a 90-degree angle.

FloraFlex pipe systems are ideal for hydroponic systems, drip irrigation, aquariums, etc. They are easy to clean as each part gets detached easily. An affordable equipment Floraflex helps agriculturists and horticulturists in hydrating their plants. 

It takes seconds to set up the whole FloraFlex pipe system. All the parts of this pipe system are easy to attach and detach. You do not need any thread, glue to stick them together.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF175

  • Weight (lbs): 0.5

  • Dimensions: 17" x 7" x 2.5"

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