FloraFlex Pipe System MultiFlow 3/4'' Elbow

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The FloraFlex Pipe System is rare agricultural equipment that helps deliver water to several plants at once. You can connect up to eight pipes with this multi-flow pipe system. With the help of elbow pipe fitting, you can fit this in the corner. The flow bubbler of this pipe system has a rubber grip for easy usage. 

  • Elbow Pipe Fitting: This pipe system comes with an elbow pipe fitting which helps connect it with other pipes from the corner. 
  • Colored Bubbler Flow Insert: You can increase water flow using the colored flow bubbler, which comes with the FloraFlex Pipe System.
  • Pressure Controller: With the help of a flora Valve, you can control the pressure of the water and nutrients pumped by the pipe system. 
  • Unique Flow Bubbler: It has a kind flow bubbler with a rubber grip for easy usage and eight outlets. 

You can deliver water to multiple plants all at once with the FloraFlex Pipe System. It has an elbow pipe fitting that helps fit this pipe system in any nook or corner. The diameter of the elbow fitting is around ¾" inch. 

You can easily fit this pipe system with any water pipe and provide water to your farm or garden. The flow bubbler on the top of this pipe system has eight outlets. You don't have to use these outlets all at once. There is a rubber grip present on this bubbler for a solid grip. 

You will see a flora valve in the middle of this manifold system. This valve helps in controlling the water pressure. If the water pressure is too high, it can damage the plants and reduce the strength of the soil. Flora valve makes sure that the water pressure is appropriate for the steady growth of the plants. 

If you wish to increase the pipe system's pumping pressure, you can insert a colored flow bubbler. There are four flow bubbler inserts available with this pipe system. Yellow, black, red, and blue. They pump out 2,6,10, and 20 GPH(Gallons per hour) of water, respectively. 

This pipe system is suitable for all agricultural and horticultural activities. You can even have this pipe system installed for your garden. It's easy to use and does not cost much. You can easily attach and detach all the parts of this pipe system without using any glue or thread. It saves you time and helps you keep your plants in good condition. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF169

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