FloraFlex Pipe System MultiFlow 3/4'' T

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The FloraFlex Pipe System Multiflow helps the gardeners or farmers provide a sufficient amount of nutrients or water to the plants. It comes with four flow inserts that help you attain different flow rates. The eight outlets on the FloraFlex Pipe System consistently supply water to many plants at once. The Pipefitting of this pipe system is in the shape of T. 

  • 4 Flow Inserts: There are four flow inserts that you will get with FloraFlex Pipe System. They come in 4 different colors, which provide different flow rates.
  • Easy Disconnect System: All the parts of this pipe system can be easily detached from each other. 
  • Provides Water and Nutrients: The main usage of the FloraFlex Pipe System is to provide water to the plants consistently.
  • Multi-Flow Bubbler: The multi-flow bubbler present on FloraFlex Pipe System has eight outlets through which water reaches the plants.

The FloraFlex Pipe System comes with a multi-flow bubbler that forms a water channel providing water to numerous plants. There are eight outlets through which water reaches the plants. In addition, it has a ½” inlet that can be connected to the pipe system without thread or glue.  

The ¼” outer diameter is flexible enough for connecting any pipe to the FloraFlex pipe system. In addition, the eight outlets are barbed, leaving no space between the pipe and the outlet. This feature prevents the liquid or gasses from leaking.

There is a separate pipe fitting available in the shape of T, which is ¾” inch in diameter. This T shape is quite helpful in fixing the FloraFlex pipe system with any pipe. You can join the FloraFlex system between the two ends of the pipe. 

There are four different flow rate inserts available with the FloraFlex Pipe System. They are available in different ways to easily recognize which flow rate to choose. The different colors are yellow, red, black, blue, which provide the flow rate of 2GPH, 6 GPH, 10GPH, 20 GPH, respectively. You can choose the flow rate according to your need. 

As a result, the FloraFlex pipe system will provide maximum nourishment to your plants. This pipe system makes sure that the water reaches the roots of the plants. You can also use this pipe system to pour any mineral or nutrient mix solution into the plants. 

The FloraFlex pipe system is reliable equipment. This cost-effective product will ensure that your plants are watered properly. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF171

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